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Removing Soot From Carpet


We got some soot on the carpet from the woodburning stove. Any suggestions for how to remove it?



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By (Guest Post) 12/22/2004 Flag

I just vacuum the carpet and in the spring and fall I shampoo all the carpets. They all get soot and it doesn't always show. I use a wood stove to heat our entire house in the middle of a city what a savings on gas. we use fans to circulate the heat. I dust the walls as well every week.
susan from hamilton

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By Dori Luvera (Guest Post) 01/25/2005 Flag

I dropped a candle on the cream carpet and the black stuff from the wick got on the carpet. How can I remove the stain? Thank you for your help

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By nancy (Guest Post) 02/23/2005 Flag

did you get an answer? I just tracked soot across a carpet & up the stairs of a brand new home. help! thanks

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 02/23/2005 Flag

Good luck with the new house. Here is a link with instructions:

Susan from ThriftyFun

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By BILLY HACKWORTH (Guest Post) 09/04/2007 Flag

Got a stain on the carpet from and candle and a small fire. The candle wax is gone and most of the black stain. How can i get the rest of it out?

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By A. Morrison (Guest Post) 10/19/2007 Flag

I just built a new house and somehow one of the candlewicks I clipped managed to get buried into the new white carpet.
I steam cleaned it - but it wouldn't go away.
I tried the stain remover that comes with the DRYEL cleaning kit because I remember that it removed some soot from my suit coat a couple months back.
I rubbed the tip of the bottle into the carpet and blotted it up with a towel and it worked well. I repeated the process until the stain -and it took up almost all of it. Now I just have a little light gray pencil eraser sized spot which is way better than the half dollar sized black streak.
That stuff saved my day!

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