Dog Getting Her First Period (Heat)

My little girl Roxy, ShitzShu, Maltese and Yorkie, 16mnths old, started her period on Sept 5th and is still spotting. Otherwise she is happy, eating, playing and sleeping normally. She does rub her bottom on the ground, which has indicated need to go number 2.


Probably to release her glands.

Her vulva is still swollen as well and am almost positive that this is her heat cycle but wondering when her spotting is going to stop.. Any info appreciated.

PS: She seen vet on Sept 4 and confirmed no infection regarding the swollen vulva. Roxy has made two location moves since August 18th which may of upset her a bit so thinking perhaps the instability (we were house sitting but home now since Monday) may of prolonged her period. Also, I walk her on a leash in dog parks and wonder if the other dog scents can prolong a heat cycle? Can anyone tell me what the longest is that their female dogs have had their period for?

I have read that usual period is one week for a dog but also read it can carry on for up to three weeks. Please comment.


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Dogs are usually in heat for 21 days but owners usually don't know about the first week becasue there is usually no bleeding, just swelling of the vulva. However, you seem to be an especially attentive owner so you may have gotten in on the first of it. Since this is the 22nd it seems the bleeding has been going on for 17 days, right? This is a bit longer than usual but still within normal limits. Your vet is really the person to ask, not those of us here who have experience but not formal education in animal health. You can call the vet and supply the dates and the vet can tell you if there is cause for worry. That's what I would do.

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Your dog's in heat, which lasts around three weeks, as the first person said. They usually occur every six months. The vet is the person to ask, as suggested already.

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Female dogs have what's called an estrous cycle. It's called being "in heat". It's different from periods (menstrual cycles), however, in that the time that they're in heat is when they're most fertile. They still can bleed vaginally, but it's for a different reason.

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Hopefully by now this poor dog has been spayed!

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We have had quiet a few dogs over the years. I can tell you this from experience. a dogs HEAT fertility) period lasts for 21 days. 7 days coming in, 7 days (really fertile) and 7 days going out. All through this 21 day cycle there can be spotting and bleeding and yes, swollen sexual organs. We have a very good vet and he was always willing to answer and explained all of this to me. I too suggest you contact your vet about your concerns.

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Just my two cent's worth here, sometimes canines will rub their rear-ends on the carpet or grass due to worms. When you take her in to have her spayed tell the vet about her butt-dragging. The vet will probably do a microscopic examination of her stool to determine what kind of worms she may have and how to treat them.

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RE: Dog Getting Her First Period (Heat)

(1x1 graphic )

Hi, Thank you very much everyone for your response(s). My Baby's cycle (spotting) ended on Saturday, Sept., 20th. It was especially long but I feel was due to the disruption of the moves and excitement of the changes going on in our personal lives.

Little Roxy is doing Good and her vulva is less swollen now too. Her little personality has become even more playful and affectionate as well..

When Roxy was in to see the vet on Sept., 4th, she was given an excellent bill of health, other than being slightly underweight, due to lack of time to provide proper care by previous owner.

It is a myth that dogs drag their butt because they have worms. Usually it is due to clogged anal sacs.

I have checked Roxy and the anal sacs are fine too.

I have a feeling that the butt dragging may have been something to do with her cycle because I haven't seen her doing it anymore.

I have had Roxy since August 18th, 2008 and she has done the butt dragging thing maybe 5 times total.

Roxy is due to be spayed and is far from poor. She is the riches dog in the neighborhood with tonnes of new friends, a smorgasbord for a well balanced, vitamin enriched, human grade diet of protien, vegies and fibre,

Roxy has a regular 4x a day walking regime and plays in the park for about 45 min to one hour everyday, if not twice. When it is raining, it is an exception because she doesn't exactly like wet grass.

I watched Roxy's cycle closely and was in contact with her vet. I also did a lot of research and found the answers that I was seeking as to what else could of been going on if her estrous was abnormally prolonged.

Thank goodness that her hormones are advancing as they should and her period has finally stopped.

The vet I use doesn't spay during heat. Roxy is booked for her spay but we must wait a bit longer.

I have learned some more interesting information from the responses above and I am most appreciative. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Bless you all!

Happy Tails. P.S. Roxy says "Thanks for helping my Mom know more about what's up with me"

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Go ahead & walk her in the park if puppies are what you are wanting. Use your head & keep her away from male dogs. They can smell a female in heat from great distances.

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As a side note, butt dragging often means needing to release glands, but pooping usually doesn't do it! Unless they are pretty constipated, a finger with a glove on is needed.

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Down here, we have an expression known as WTMI which means Way Too Much Information.

Along with Erectile Disfunction, Hemoroids, Female Cycles, Yeast Infections and Jock Itch, now I have to think about your dogs vulva.

Next time, perhaps you could just look it up on Google or

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I strongly encourage you to have her spayed. Unless you are a professional breeder please do not increase the animal population. There are pros out there who do this and those dogs end up in the pound. It is also best to have her spayed before the onset of heat.

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Yes, dogs go in heat for 3 weeks; 1 week before period, 1 week during period and 1 week after period.

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Please have your dog spayed. As a dog owner of two rescued dogs, there are way too many dogs in this world and too few homes. Don't add to the problem. HAVE YOUR DOG SPAYED. Also, dogs live longer when neutered, less chance of cancer of the reproductive system. Please, have her spayed.

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Hey Guys! I think this nice lady got the message about having her dog spayed. She sounds like a very caring dog owner. Hopefully many of us have learned from her: Pet owners should be responsible and care for their pets. Pets do bring us lots of happiness.

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My vet wanted me to wait a year or if ever before getting her spayed because of her small stature. She said that she would be a lot more comfortable doing the procedure once the dog hit at least 3 lbs. Not getting your dog fixed right away isn't always neglect.

Now she's just started her first cycle and I'm a little anxious because I've never had to deal with such a small dog with such a swollen...well, box. I too feel very bad for my baby. I hope this time passes by quickly for both of us.

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How old will my maltipo be when she gets her first heat?

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