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Replacing the String in Hooded Sweatshirt

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My husband has a new hoodie that the string came out of when it was washed. My clumsy fingers just can't seem to thread it back through. Any suggestions?




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By Rebecca (Guest Post)03/03/2008

Can't believe no one posted using a wire hanger pulled apart (So its straightish) run through the "tunnel" attached at the end to the wayward string and then simply pulled back through. this also works for sweat pants and other larger projects that the simple safty pin may be tedious and more time consuming

By Kinkalicious (Guest Post)01/16/2008

check it out! Use a "PEN" that you've taken apart. with only the tube left (preferably a bic) Slide it in the hole bunching the hood around the hard shaft. gently slide the string through the tube then presto!

By Cassie [6]01/11/2008

Thanks everyone--i tried the safety pin and it worked! Will keep in mind for future reference.

By Bertie Milson [1]01/10/2008

Put a safety pin on the end of the string. This will make
threading easy because you can feel the pin and push it along.

By Christine (Guest Post)01/10/2008

I always tie the strings before washing this keeps the string from coming out.
Christine IN

By Jenny (Guest Post)01/10/2008

I use a paper clip and bend it over the string and then slowly thread the string through the hoodie. I use this all the time with my kids' elastic waists, when both buttons come off and I am left with the elastic band.

By jennifer from Tn. (Guest Post)01/10/2008

Place the largest safety pin on end of string from hoodie that when closed will go thru opening of the hoodie and guide it thru with ease. Learned this one years ago when my children were small and it has never failed me yet.

By SANDI (Guest Post)01/09/2008

You take the old string and pin a large safety pin on the end and just run it thru the tunnel opening, pushing the cloth down on the pin, you will eventually get to the end and be able to pull the string thru and take off the pin.

By Marty Dick [152]01/09/2008

I was just going to suggest the safety pin method.. In addition to this I pull the string through to have the string evenly inserted. Then at the top of the hood make a few stitches so that it won't slip either way. You can still draw it up to tie under the chin but it won't get away again...

By B A01/09/2008

Hi! Use a safety pin and thread it through the end of the hoodie string. Close it. Use the pin to push the string around through the tunnel. I use this method lots of times on the strings that come out of my sweat pants. Good luck!

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