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Woven Tote Bag Made From Plastic Bags

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I need directions for a WOVEN tote bag made with plastic bags. It's like the bag rug, only a tote bag. This is for use with grade school kids. I have seen it somewhere, but can't find it now. I thinks it's done on a home made cardboard loom, like the bag rug. Any help out there? Thanks a bunch! Trashcrafter from WA



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By Caroline02/10/2010

I have been looking for the exact same project to teach my middle school class on Friday, but nearly all of these projects require crocheting which, I'm sad to say, a majority of the kids won't pick up on fast enough to complete the project in one day.

I found this one,
but you'll either have to iron the pieces beforehand or have enough irons so multiple kids could do it at once (and trust them to not burn themselves). And either have multiple sewing machines or have the kids sew them together by hand.

The weaving project seems more plausible, but that depends on the number of kids and if you have enough cardboard to make looms for everyone. But weaving one big piece, sewing up the sides with plastic bags, and braiding in handles wouldn't be too difficult.

I'll repost with what we end up doing and how it works out with the kids.

By Damien (Guest Post)12/18/2008

Thank you for this and I have made one but no camera. Sorry,
but thank you very much

By CK (Guest Post)10/23/2008

Here's a bag I made. It was really easy and I got the pattern from

RE: Woven Tote Bag Made From Plastic Bags

By Joan (Guest Post)02/28/2005

look at the following web site for directions on making tote bags from plastic bags:

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]02/22/2005

My suggestion is to either make two of the rugs and sew them together with another plastic bag strip -or- make the loom larger and fold it and sew the open ends together. For the strap just braid plastic bag strips together and tie it to the main part.

My original article is:


By Debra (Guest Post)02/22/2005

Hi, When I read this request I was looking forward to reading the replies, but although the replies here are really helpful, none of them answer the original request which was to NOT crochet and to use a cardboard loom so they can be weaved...the directions here are for crocheting. I also was interested in it because of the no-crochet-requirement. Does anyone have any information on the original request as it was requested? I haven't been able to find anything on the internet. Thanks very much

By Vi Johnson [237]02/21/2005

When I was at a family reunion last year I saw one of the bags done using Wal-Mart bags. It was all blue background and had the smiley face logo on the front. Someone out there has that pattern. Maybe they will see this and reply. Good Luck. GG Vi

By Liz (Guest Post)02/21/2005

In response to your needed help with the tote bags... My mother in law has been making those for a decade or more. She takes her grocery bags and flattens them out nicely and then cuts 1 inch slices across the bags to make loops of plastic, which she then hooks all the loops together end to end making a long rope of plastic bag loops, which she then rolls into a ball like you would yarn and from there she simply crochets the bags. She has made an assortment of different totes, bags, and purses. Hope this helps. Happy bagging!

By Anne [2]02/21/2005

Excellent instructions. Thanks so much for the website.



You are welcome Tressa! It looks like fun and please post a picture of your tote bag that you make when you can. We all will benefit from your inspiration!


By Anne [2]02/21/2005

Excellent insturctions. Thanks so much for the website.



I found a great site with the instructions and I hope it is fun to make. It looks pretty nice!


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