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Making a Rug from Plastic Bags

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Plastic Bag Rug

There are a few different ways to make a plarn hooked or braided rug reusing hundreds of plastic bags. This is a guide about making a rug from plastic bags.


Solutions: Making a Rug from Plastic Bags

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Tip: Plastic Bag Hooked Rug

Multicolored hooked rug made with shopping bags.We get plastic bags from all of our stores when we shop so I decided to put them to use. I found my hook rug canvas and cut my bags in 4 inch by 1 inch strips to make a plastic bag rug. They are soft and good for by the door and when they get dirty, just hose them off. Your only cost is the hook rug canvas. You can make them any size you want.

By Barb from Rothbury, MI

Crocheting a Rug Using Plarn

I have several free patterns for crocheting rugs using plastic bags or plarn at my blog. I have attached one oval rug pattern link. You can also use any regular yarn pattern and just adjust your gauge as using plarn is equivalent to a chunky yarn weight.

By RecycleCindy from WA Multicolored crocheted oval rug.

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Crocheted Plarn Rug

Crocheted Plarn RugThis is a rug we use for muddy shoes. It is easily rinsed clean and drip dried.

Approximate Time: Approx. 2 hours


  • scissors
  • plastic grocery bags
  • crochet hook


Cut grocery bags so you have "loops" of the plastic. Attach the loops together to make "plarn" for your project.

Begin crocheting in an oval shape and continue until it is the desired size.

I wanted this rug for our shoes so it is long and narrow. I used single crochet for the first row, then moved into double crochet stitches.

By Monica from Cortez, CO

Crocheting a Rug Using Plarn

Round Plarn RugCrochet yourself a round plarn rug. If you are not familiar with the term plarn, it's plastic bags cut into strips to create yarn. You then crochet with it. I have a free crochet pattern available if you want to make this rug. These plastic rugs are really handy for boots and doormats. You can just rinse them off and hang to dry. Check out the free pattern link.

By RecycleCindy from WA

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Tip: Selling Recycled Bag Rugs

Recycled Bag RugThere were plenty of reusable shirt bags behind a clothier here and a handy video to make short work of making the plarn necessary to create handmade items.

The pink areas are made from 30 bags for a dollar plastic kitchen bags providing much needed color for interest! The fringe took nearly all of 3 whole pink bags.

My problem is that I am not in a zone that I can sell retail from which I had hoped. So, on Sundays across from me at a park, it is busier than any other day. Taking advantage of that, I backed my truck up to near the end of my driveway, leaving enough room for 1 other vehicle to get off the street.

I have an over-the-door towel rack that I don't use for towels that fit nicely over the top of my tailgate and I fastened my crocheted rug to it with with my price tag clearly visible! No one bought my rug, but I know I can at least TRY, which is 1/2 the success!

Plastic Bag Rug

plastic bag rug finishedThis rug is pretty is easy, really cool and costs next to nothing to make.


  • Plastic shopping bags (like the ones you get at the grocery store)
  • Large garbage bags or sturdy ribbon
  • Rectangular piece of cardboard a little larger than the size rug you wish to make.
  • Yard or meter stick
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


1. The cardboard will be used to make a loom. The rug will end being about three inches smaller than the piece of cardboard you use. Cut notches along the top and bottom of the cardboard. To create the notches draw a line 1 1/2 inches below the top and bottom edge. Make a mark every 1 1/2 inches along each of the lines you just drew. Cut a notch as wide as your thumb at every mark.

2. Cut large garbage bags in long strips about six inches wide. Tie all the strips together into a long piece. I ended up using three garbage bags. You can also use large, sturdy ribbon.

3. Wrap the garbage bag (or ribbon) around the front and back of the cardboard using the notches you cut into the cardboard to hold the bag in place. Then tie the ends together on the back diagonally. Your loom is now ready for weaving.

4. Cut the handles and down the side of shopping bags to flatten them out. The bigger the rug you make the more shopping bags you will need so make sure you have a lot handy in each color that you want to use on your rug. Different stores may have different colored shopping bags. For example, the blue bags in my rug are from Wal-Mart.

5. To get started, tie 3 bags together.

6. To start weaving, tie one end of the shopping bags to the top corner of the loom (don't tie it to the cardboard, tie it to the garbage bag or ribbon), then weave the rest of the shopping bag over and under the garbage bags (or ribbon) strips. Weave each row in an opposite pattern as the previous row. Attach more shopping bags as you go.

7. When you have finished weaving and have filled up the loom, tie of the end in the corner. Your rug should look something like the picture below.

8. To remove the rug from the loom, cut the garbage bag (or ribbon) across the top edge of the loom. It is best to cut them two at a time, then tie them together before cutting anymore.

When you are finished, your rug should look something like this!

You can reuse the loom for your next rug.

By Stella Bui-Rivet

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