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Pumpkin Substitution

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I used only half a can of pumpkin when making a mousse for Thanksgiving dessert, and the pumpkin bread recipe needed a full can. No more pumpkin in the house, what to do? I substituted mashed yams for 1/2 the pumpkin, the bread came out perfectly!

By Linda from Vista, CA



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By eve [16]12/10/2009

I sure would like the recipe for the pumpkin candy or was those two ingredients all I need. I might try this with some of my persimmon puree. I usually drain it in a colander before I use it in a recipe, so this might work. I'll let you know.

By eve [16]12/10/2009

I made a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and substituted half the pumpkin with Persimmon Puree. My DH said it was the best he had ever ate. It was much lighter in flavor and he really liked it.

By susan [5]12/02/2006

Here in the South, we commonly eat sweet potato pie. It's made exactly the same as pumpkin, but cooked and mashed sweet potatoes are used. Only the especially gifted can tell them apart.

And yes, pumpkin is a squash and it can be interchanged with any other type of squash in such a recipe. People get so lost when baking that they forget that recipes are not written in stone. I've created many of our family favorites by switching recipe ingredients.

By Marian Hillyer [5]12/01/2006

I have a great recipe for pumpkin muffins. On occasion I`ve substituted sweet potatoes, squash(various types) apple sauce and even cooked, mashed carrots...never had a failure and the taste is great~

By Coreen Hart [73]12/01/2006

Hi, Linda,
It only takes 1 cup of pumpkin to make a pie. Or stir it into quick bread or a meat loaf. Adds lots of moisture and only a little flavor. Or make pumpkin candy by stirring and then kneading in powdered sugar until it's nice and stiff, and let it dry. Good luck! --- Coreen

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