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Discount Grocery Stores in Phoenix, AZ

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I am looking for a discount grocery store in Phoenix Arizona, preferably in the Sunnyslope area where there is a large mennonite community.

Thank you,
Paul from Phoenix, AZ


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By cass12/10/2009

On the 2nd saturday of each month, sunnyslope food bank sells food baskets. 12.00 for a meat basket and 10.00 for a pantry basket. It is a really great deal and they give you a great selection.

By (Guest Post)09/12/2008

All you have to do each week is take the ads from all the stores, sit down and make a list of the sale items you want to buy and go to WalMart. They ad match. online you can also find all store ads including food city, Sprouts farmer markets, they have the cheapest produce. takes very little time to do this and you can save a lot of money. there is a Walmart grocery store at 43 rd.av. and Union Hills, or just go to any super walmart with grocerys.take your list and tell the cashier how much and what store has the price you want.

By Pat [7]04/25/2008

I used to live in Phoenix and I loved the 99 cent only stores. There is one at Bell and Cave Creek and another on Tatum I believe at the Paradise Valley mall area. They have some fresh produce and great canned goods ,spices and even some frozen foods. Even their health products are great. They are different than the other $1.00 and under stores as they have a much greater selection.

By Deborah (Guest Post)01/16/2008

Discount Grocery Store at 43rd Ave and Bell on the North/West corner. Sorry, not sure where Sunny Slope is hope this helps. Why not search on line for your area?

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