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Why do people (kids and teens as well as adults) wear their PJ's out in public? I see them in Walmart as well as the Mall! I told my husband about this and he said "no way, your mistaken, that has to be just a style of pants." Well it wasn't long and he saw it also. Now we see it everywhere! I asked my coworkers if they do this and that looked as if I were asking a silly question. They said "of course they do, who wants to change back into clothes once they decide they want a snack after a shower, so they go to the store as they are" What a surprise. My mom would... well I'll just say my kids would get a scolding! BUT, I see them wearing PJ's anytime... day or night. Anyone else?

Ariela from FL



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By jean (Guest Post) 04/24/2006

As a retired high school teacher and college professor, I have seen clothing fads come and go. This one seems to be lasting longer than most, because it is comfortable, unisex, and modest. My 91 year-old mother saw this, and said it was about time there was a comfortable and modest style. As a matter of fact, she had me buy her several pair, which she wore daily at the nursing home. I guess we just have to see it as clothing, not pajamas.

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By Crystal 3 50 04/24/2006

I don't mind the pajama pants and all but I think wearing slippers in public is jusy plain tacky!!! No matter how cute they might be!

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By Laura 2 1 04/24/2006

I wear my PJs all the time, mostly the pants, They are comfortable, and to me it is the same as wearing sweat pants. I think the pj's are actually cuter than the sweat pants. I also would rather the kids be wearing their pj's than those pants to their knees and shirts up way too high. I bet if you tried it you would do it all the time too. Esspecially when you have to go shopping at walmart and are in there for hours. But then again I have done it for several years. And when I am shopping I am not dressed to impress just on a mission. Go ahead, get a cute pair of pJ bottoms and when you go grocery shopping next time wear them, just think of them as sweats. Don't worry what others think, and let us know if you were more comfortable in them or dressed up.

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By ellie (Guest Post) 04/24/2006

Well, I normally don't, and wouldn't, BUT you might get a laugh from this. I live in Melbourne Australia, and our summers can get VERY horridly hot. When I was visiting my brother in Canada a while back I bought a pair of light cotton apple green and white checked pants (no top with them) They were technically PJ pants, but as it was so very hot here that night and I couldn't find anything that felt cool enough to wear to a meeting I was going to I put them on with my own cami top, and people commented they looked great.. no-one picked them as PJ pants till I told them!

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By Louise 7 96 04/24/2006

I live in Port Charlotte, FL and here it is mostly a "teenager" thing. In fact, my 19 yr old son wears them everywhere. The kids wear them to school alot, too. My son has about 5 pairs of them and they don't look half bad.

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By David (Guest Post) 04/24/2006

It's all about being comfortable. Forget what other people think... I mean... geez you're in walmart, not macy's or bloomingdales.

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By Kelly 20 512 04/24/2006

I wear mine at home, so my neighbors see them. But normally I do not go out in public in my "houseclothes" I do have a couple pairs that are solid, so they just look like pull on pants, you wouldn't call them "pjs" and I had to wear them to the er, but at 4 am, they would expect that! I think it is tacky, to wear them out. I stay at home with the kids, and my rule is NO SWEATPANTS/pjs in public! At home/the yard is fine!

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By kidsNclutter 188 04/24/2006

The microfleece / polar fleece 'lounge pants' are extremely comfortable, soft & warm. They look like an upgrade of the common sweat pants. In solid colors they are more stylish than pj pants w/ cutesy patterns. Paired w/a polar fleece top they can be pj's or a casual warm outfit. Paired w/ a long sleeve patterned t-shirt or ladies top is also nice. Maybe w/ a sweater? Not something you'd wear to a formal, (right?) LOL, but good looking, casual & stylish enough for everyday. Looks nicer than sweat suits. I love polar fleece & wish I could wear it every day, except in the heat of our summers. Like the 91 yr. old. said, finally a fad that's comfortable & looks ok. Who are we trying to impress at the store anyway? People tend to be more productive at their tasks when they are comfortable. I don't wear slippers in public except the suede type w/ rubber soles that look like clogs to walk to the kids' bus stop sometimes. But I have seen women in the checkout line in cutesy pj pants & fuzzy slippers. Seems unsafe to wear that footwear out & about. I do see men also in their "slippers" or slip on style beach sandals, pj pants & a t-shirt. They look ok. Casual comfort is in style.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 04/24/2006

My mom wears cute boxer style shorts and cute T shirts out and about, she live in a beach community in CA and she is into comfort. She dresses for Church, social gatherings etc and she said she is so tired of all the "old people" who are so uptight and who wants to be around uptight people, Not her, she is enjoying life. I do it too with pj bottoms and my husband is from Midwest and said he was NOT going to Walmart with me EVER again well that lasted 15 mins. and in the car he went. I think, who cares, just be comfy and cozy. I have my funny habit of NO PANTS to Church, only a dress, so we all have our ways.
Just be true to you.

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By Mary (Guest Post) 04/24/2006

Guess it depends on where you are going. Pajamas hardly make a professional statement so if you're going to work, or looking for a job.... put some clothes on!

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By Tone (Guest Post) 04/25/2006

My son and I basically live at poverty level and yet we are always dressed neatly wherever we go. I would never even go down the street in a pair of PJ's or sloppy sweats. I think plain flip flops are another no no. I always dress appropriately. Guess that is the way I was raised also. My beautiful Mother always looked well groomed and she never even let my father see her in curlers, let alone anyone else. That is another thing. DO your hair before you go out. It isn't so much about what others think but taking pride in yourself. For me the same rule applies wearing something with body parts hanging out too. And to the men that go out without a shirt on, for shame! I would never give that guy my time of day.I am only 46 but call me a little old fashioned when it comes to respect. Now that I threw in my quarter, have a great day all! :)

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By jeanne (Guest Post) 04/25/2006

I have fibromyalgia, and alot of times, wearing loosefitting clothing makes life alot easier...I wear my "pj" pants in public constantly...I dress for my comfort level, not for eveyrone else!! Even in my "betty boop" styles and the "cat in the hat"! I get some giggles out of those, but they match my personality..and I will be 47 this year!!...Life is too short not to have fun!

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By Mairmie (Guest Post) 04/25/2006

Seems that those who wear pj`s in public always talk about "comfort". Looking at some of the clothes that are being sold makes me realize why they find proper street clothes "uncomfortable"..Can`t help but notice that jackets, tops, skirts all look like they`re at least 2 sizes too small. Then a too small and too tight jacket is worn over a too small too tight shirt which hangs down below it. No wonder some people find the styles "uncomfortable" and prefer their nightclothes as street wear!!

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By Lara Warwick 18 04/25/2006

I have 4 kids under the age of 6. I like to be comfortable, but I would never go out of my house in my pj's or in slippers. I'm not so much concerned with what others think. I am more concerned with the example that I am setting for my kids. I want them to take "pride" and have respect for themselves and others and to me that begins with the care a person takes in how they look. I'm not saying you need to dress to the nines, just clean, deceant, and appropriate for where you are going and what you are doing.

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By Ariela 33 265 04/25/2006

floppy4me: I agree with you totaly! We were raised to act and dress appropriatly at all times. We didnt have much in life, but my mom made sure we were fed and had clean clothes. If my mom hadnt passed away she surly would have another heart attack at the sight of life today. I am the way I was raised to be, if my mom said jump" I said "how high?" Somone below mentiond how young people wore those low jeans (to the knees?) and long shirts...
I wondered how they hold them up. Then my husband told me to watch how they walk with one hand in the pocket.... they hold on to the pants from inside the pockets!! Sheesh....... I have seen them walk with the feet waaaay apart too, I guess to hold them up. I would be wore out just trying to stay dressed. lol thanks for all the feedback everyone.... very interesting! :)

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By Mary (Guest Post) 04/26/2006

There are bigger problems in the world, so quit worrying about it. I agree with the person who said the PJ style is comfortable, unisex and modest. It doesn't bother me at all, since it doesn't hurt me or affect my life. To each his/her own!

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By susan 8 1,368 04/27/2006

I remember Oprah wearing lounging pajamas one day on her show--no one would have known if she hadn't told. They weren't flannel, but kind of dressy and she said extremely comfortable.

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By Kelly 20 512 04/27/2006

and they probably cost 300-500 bucks!

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By mominminnesota (Guest Post) 04/28/2006

My opinion is (and that's all any of us are really giving here) that every generation has had its fads - and every older generation has had its problems accepting the fads of the younger generation. Right now, I'm of the "older" generation. I would NEVER wear PJs in public! And my kids would NEVER wear PJs in public either because that's just the way they've been brought up. It seems as though people have gotten more and more "me" centered as time has gone by. You know - the idea of "whatever makes ME comfortable," or "I have to do whatever makes it right for ME." Years ago the emphasis was on respect for others. We were taught to think of how our actions affected other people. My parents taught me to be courteous and respectful - and if I wasn't, there was a price to pay! And that's the way my husband and I teach our kids. But we feel like we're in the minority these days.

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By Lara Warwick 18 04/30/2006

I agree with you 100%, mominminnesota.

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By DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia) (Guest Post) 01/07/2007

Times have changed ya know. Do you think its OK to always reveal the usual look of blue jeans and a casual shirt everyday. Sounds kind of boring. Its one thing for someone to try to enter a club/bar or a nice restaurant in pajamas or sweatpants and be turned down because these are social places where you are expected to dress to impress others. However when you need to make a trip to the grocery store to buy a few things when you are in a hurry and you dont expect to meet people its smart to have a way to save your good clothes for the bars/clubs, work, parties, dates or social occasions by dressing down in sweatpants or pjs.

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