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Shelf Life of Tuna Packaged in Pouches


I have a couple of unopened pouches of tuna and albacore. I don't think they have expiration dates on them, so how long can go by before it's too late to open and use them?

Also, what"s the difference between the tuna and albacore? Or is there a difference?

By Trish


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By KL 3 554 11/01/2009 Flag

There should be an exp date somewhere on there. I have only cans, not pouches or I could tell you what spot to look at.This is from the Starkist site:

All unopened StarKist® products have a recommended shelf life of up to three years, provided the product has been stored under normal conditions and the can or pouch appears normal and is not damaged.

A "Best By" date is printed on all StarKist® Tuna products for your convenience.

This article tells a bit about the differences.

I have always preferred the white albacore over the light tuna but it is a bit more expensive than the light and I have read that the albacore has a more mercury than the light so I have been experimenting with the light tuna lately.

Check the article below for limits:

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By Keeper 58 1,055 11/02/2009 Flag

Trish, try this great site someone sent me:
A lot of great information on just about any food item in your kitchen. Enjoy

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11/02/2009 Flag

Looks like the question about stale date is already sufficiently answered ;-) As for the difference between regular tuna and albacore tuna:

Albacore is one of a few of sub-species of tuna. It's a light/white meat fish that is less fatty and doesn't have as much of a fishy taste as the regular dark meat tuna.

The biggest advantage of albacore, as far as the environment, is that albacore don't run with the dolphins like the regular tuna fish do.

I prefer albacore not only because of the less fishy flavor but also because, since the albacore don't run with the dolphins, no dolphins get caught in the tuna fishing nets and end up dying because once caught in the net they can't get to the water surface for air.

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