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Homemade Family Calendar

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I saw this idea at a friend's house, and asked for the tools to make it work from my grown daughter for Christmas last year. Purchase 2 dry erase calendars from your favorite office supply store. Mine all came from WalMart. Add a plain dry erase board, a organizer pouch, markers, and eraser. Now you have a message center that changes with the months!

It's been the best tool ever this year, we all use it in our household, and we know where to look to find dates, etc. When your current month is over, simply erase and add the new "next" month (i.e. November and December). Use markers to color code events, paydays, anything you wish. All this from a gal who is not known for her organizational skills. Best Christmas present ever.

By Kim from Crawford, CO


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By Kim Cox J. [2]11/22/2011

This is the picture that goes with my calendars.

RE: Homemade Family Calendar

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