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Title of a Horror Movie Where a Doll Becomes a Girl and a Girl Becomes a Doll

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I hope someone can help me with the title of a horror movie I saw years ago. I'm not sure if it was a movie or an episode of a series, but it was in black and white and was made in either the late 60s or early 70s (I'm giving away my age here!).

Anyway, here is what I can remember of the plot: A little girl has a doll. She and the doll at times trade places, meaning the girl sometimes becomes a toy while the doll becomes a human. One time the girl's mother comes into her room and sees her daughter as a doll in a box waving to her and the doll as a human. The mother screams in terror.

If any of you can tell me the title of this show, I would greatly appreciate it. I have been thinking of this show for quite a few years now and it drives me crazy. Thanks to all of you for your help.




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By Penny Pollard B.01/21/2015

I remember this from my childhood, too. Very creepy! So, was it a movie or an episode of a series?

By Jerry03/13/2009

I saw this Alfred Hitchcock hour episode 13 Third season when I was 4 years old...freaked me out!
Air date : 1/11/1965
You can see it on HULU.COM if you dare!
Happy Friday the 13th!

By (Guest Post)02/28/2009

I was finding a horror show too. I don't know what it is. I think the story of what you're finding is kinda connected to what I'm finding too. the story was about teenagers who had camping that night and they shared ghost stories. sum one told a story about a family who bought a house. There's a doll house that's left in one room. there's door to a terrace in that room that can't be opened. (it's like there's a secret in that room.)

One little girl opened that door to the terrace but she was shocked that she was inside the dollhouse. and that doll in that dollhouse was once a girl who also entered that room and became a doll now the only thing that they could escape was to jump through the window. do they did and they was saved. (it was like a show from 1998 or 1999. I cant remember the show anymore because was young like 5 or 6 yrs old when I watched that.)

By Cynthia M. (Guest Post)01/19/2009

Wish I could help but I think I missed that one. I've been looking for a really old movie for years called "God's Little Acre" I only got to see half of it back in the 70's and it was like an old black and white back when Buddy Ebsen was an extremely young man. Talk about telling your age!! For those youngsters out there, Buddy Ebsen played and older man in the original series of The Beverly Hillbillies back in the 60's. I can't even find anyone that's heard of this movie, but I know well I didn't dream it. It also had Walter Brennan in it. Any help out there?

By kesia 'masterteacher (Guest Post)09/12/2008

I have also been looking for this same episode for years, actually I was about maybe twelve or thirteen years old. I'm trying to find out sources to find this movie because I'm thirty-five years old and I haven't seen the movie since then! I've told my kids about it now i'd like to show them WHERE THE WOODBINE TWINETH, a piece to my childhood puzzle.

if any of you readers know of any ways I can find this episode. I can be contacted at kmasterteacheratbooyoudotcom

By Jennifer (Guest Post)07/07/2007

So where does one get the episode? Could I get it at Netflix on Alfred Hitchcocks episodes on DVD?

By linda (Guest Post)07/05/2006

I believe your talking about the movie I thought was called Where The Woodbine Twine. after trying to look it up I found out the title is :Where The Woodbine Twineth .I remember it was about a little girl who's father was I think a long shore men that was out to sea for months. He came home and brought her a black life size doll named nooma.the girl kept telling her aunt that nooma was going to take her where the woodbine twine and never come back.the aunt didn't believe her at first until one day she heard the little girl playing with someone else .she knew she heard another childs voice but it was only the little and the doll in the room she locked the doll in the foyer and the doll got out somehow.Nooma came alive and the little girl turned into the doll.and went to the woodbine twine.I hope this is the movie your looking for unfortunately it's not on the market for sale.

By MB (Guest Post)07/04/2006

This was an episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour called "Where the woodbine twineth"

By Say (Guest Post)04/17/2006

Thanks I have been wondering about that movie for years I could not think of the name or the people who played in it. I just remember the end and parts of the movie. It has stayed in my mind for a long time.

By Tamara08/25/2005

The main character in the episode "After Hours" was an adult woman. I'm pretty sure the one we're looking for is "Living Doll". The doll's name was Talky Tina. -- Believe it or not, it also starred Telly Savalas!

By christi [66]08/23/2005

I have never seen this but you should try the IMDb webpage it is the largest movie database and I use it all the time to find out stuff like what other stuff and actor has played on or when a new movie is coming out. Hope this helps

By Judy East (Guest Post)08/22/2005

Could this episode be called "Where the Woodbine Twineth?"

By (Guest Post)08/22/2005

I, too, remember that episode of The Twilight Zone!! If I recall correctly, the doll was a gift from the little girl's mother's father who had been visiting in Haiti, or where ever voodoo is practiced. They traded places several times, but at the end the mother scared them while the little girl was the doll, and the doll ran away - that always stuck w/me! I never wanted a life-size doll after that!!!

By (Guest Post)08/22/2005

BTW a young Anne Francis played the manniquin :)

By (Guest Post)08/22/2005

This was the name of the show on Twilight Zone

I forgot to add the Title of the Show:

"The After Hours"

By Tamara08/22/2005

That show has popped into my head too on occasion. Probably 'cause it gave me the CREEPS! I think it was a Twilight Zone episode (Fantasy Island also had a similar episode). btw - You didn't have to "date" yourself...they re-run black & white shows all the time :D

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