My New Luggage Smells Bad


My husband and I just purchased 2 sets of new luggage, and we need to use them to go on a trip in less than a month and I am wondering how do you get that icky new smell out of them? I don't want our clothes to smell icky when we get there and have to either spend time doing laundry or stinking the whole time. I have tried fabreeze, and i have tried to let them sit with bounce sheets in them, they still smell bad. Can someone please help me so I don't have to return them or not use them?

jennma521 from Eau Claire, Wisconsin



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By Karen 1 5 05/17/2006

There are several things you can try. Open the luggage and set it outdoors to air on a dry, sunny day. Or wad up several sheets of newspaper, fill the suitcases with it and close them for a few days to absorb the odor. Charcoal briquets work great, too...toss in a couple and remove after a few days. I'm surprised the dryer sheets didn't work! Hope this helps.

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By Rebekah 1 117 05/17/2006

I too would try the wadded newspaper and charcoal ... both are natural odor absorbers. Maybe call the manufactor for advice and to let them know of the problem.

Good luck and have fun on your trip!

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By Jen Bennett 3 11 05/17/2006

today i put it out on the deck in the morning and just brought it in, at 6ish. and it was warm and windy out it helped some, but it still has some smell to it, i think if it is nice out tom. i will put it back outside and try airing it out again, and if it doesnt work i will try the newspaper and charcoal thing the next day. Thanks for the ideas, i will let you know if it helps, but any other ideas would be great also, incase this doesnt work. thanks...

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By Michele (Guest Post) 05/17/2006

What I have found that works well and usually everyone has is ground coffee....fresh of course...I put some in a bowl and place in the luggage with it shut and where it can't be distrubed...it usually takes out the smells I'm trying to get rid of. Of course throw out the coffee when you are done with it. Hope this helps.

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By Ichthus12 (Guest Post) 05/17/2006

You might try hydrogen peroxide and water. Put three capfuls of hydrogen peroxide in a half gallon of water and shake it up. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray a small inconspicuous corner of the inside of the luggage and let dry. If it does not damage the color of the luggage, spray the whole thing inside and out and let dry. I use this on pet "accidents" on the carpet and it removes both the stain and the smell. If it will kill a pet smell it should kill the formaledhyde smell in the luggage.

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By Lily (Guest Post) 05/18/2006

There is an aeorosol spray called Ozium that you can buy that is designed to just take out the smell and not replace it with another one. I think you might find it in the automotive section of a department store.

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By Sandra 38 05/18/2006

Huh! Nobody mentioned baking soda (great for absorbing unpleasant odors) or vanilla. Of course you must be careful w/both not to spill it all over. A dish of vanilla will leave a fresh smell while absorbing unpleasant ones, and we all know how well baking soda works in refrigerators, laundry, and shoes!

Good luck,

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By Marian Hillyer 9 27 05/18/2006

There is a product called "NilOdor" Just a drop or two will deodorize about a 10 ft. room(I`ve used it and it works!!)
For luggage I would suggest a drop on a cotton ball placed inside the luggage and the luggage closed. This product doesn`t cover up smells; it neutralizes them. Grocers, hardware stores and even Walmart I believe carries it.

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