Kudzu Be Gone! Homemade Weed Killer


Does anyone have a homemade weedkiller that works on kudzu, the vine that ate the south?

By Debra from Marion, NC


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By Jamie Harvey 2 05/16/2011

The best way to kill kudzu that we have found, is to spray a solution of 1 gallon of vinegar to 1 cup of salt and add a squirt of dishwashing liquid. It may take more than one spraying, but will do the job. This works better than any commercial herbicide plus it is not so hard on the environment!

It might be noted that if possible, you may want to pull vines down from trees and/or cut from trees before spraying. This will ensure that the kudzu will have less chance of spreading before you can get it sprayed down.

It also helps if the day is long and hot after spraying as the sun helps to bake the solution into the plant.

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By Bess 16 06/07/2011

I wonder if the above will also kill wild honeysuckle, which is very hard to get rid of.

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