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Red Hat Society Bra Hat

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To make a red hat out of a bra for your red hat chapter. Cut straps off red bra, and sides, just leave the cups. Fold left over material under, decorate with purple or lavender lace, and jewels. Then put elastic on back, and wind it around a purple or red head band.

Really cute! Just set it on top of your head. You can find a cheap bra in used clothing stores. Make sure they are able to set up such as lifter bras. A cups work the best.

By Kayealexander from Salt Lake City, UT



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Question: Hat Made from a Bra

I want to make a red hat from a red bra and need to see a picture of one. Thanks.

By Barbara


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Frugalsunnie, bravo that you found that link and they are indeed hilarious! I think where I went wrong was limiting my search to red hat bras instead of just bra hats - LOL! My favorite (I think most beautiful) hat is "The Lovely Lady Joan Queen of Every Detail" :-)

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