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Fixing Squeaky Brakes

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Man Pointing at Brake Rotor

If your brakes are squeaky it could a minor issue or it could be a sign of a necessary repair. Get to the bottom of the problem sooner than later or it could become dangerous. This is a guide about fixing squeaky brakes.



Here are questions related to Fixing Squeaky Brakes.

Question: Fixing Squeaky Brakes

I have just moved from living on a dirt road. My brakes are squeaking when I am driving and stopping my vehicle. Do I need to have a flush done on them? I need to get ready for winter, and I don't want to worry about my brakes. They have had a flush at the beginning of springtime. How many flushes can you have for a set of brakes?



Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [5]09/27/2011

Okay, so I just googled "flushing brakes" which means replacing the brake fluid with all new fluid. The site I read this on recommended having this done every 30,000 miles. You have this done on ABS braking systems. That being said, it is not likely the fluid that is causing your brakes to squeal - far more likely to be brake pads or something inside the actual brake drum.

Question: Squeaky Brakes

I have fairly new brake pads, about 4 months old. I checked and they are still good. Now I have a squeaking noise when I put on the brakes and also, there is a lot of brake dust all over the pads, tires, etc. What is the cause and what should I do to fix this? Thanks for any suggestion.

By mldave from San Antonio, TX


Most Recent Answer

By wizard01/09/2010

I have had this problem with high performance brakes. Shims or not they will still sometimes squeal especially when backing up. Answer, remove the pads, lube the back of the pad with brake grease, place a piece of duct tape on the back of the pad and reinstall, no more squeal. I am not sure how long it will last but I have had some very fast cars run many hard miles braking at top speed without a sound. I have done the same with my Lexus and Merc's with positive results.

Question: Classic Car Brakes Squeak

I have a 57 Pontiac with disk brakes in front and drum brakes in back. In the last 2 years I have spent over 2k trying to fix these brakes and I'm ready to take this 100k car to Mexico or burn it down. Nobody can stop the squeaky brakes. I have taken it in eight times or more now and everything has been replaced 2 or more times. I get new parts all the time. Four different guys have tried to fix this. They have put on new pads over and over, it doesn't help. What's going on? Please help or see this car on TV burn.

By George

Most Recent Answer

By Malinda [3]06/24/2012

I read your problem to my husband and said to try softer lining. See if that works.

Question: Back Brakes Squeaky

My back brakes squeak when I start driving forward. Then it goes away; braking is okay. Everything is new; drums, springs, shoes, and emergency brakes are OK. This is a 2007 Ford Ranger.

By Yogi

Most Recent Answer

By Deanj06/22/2012

Brakes will sometimes squeak when applying the brakes but not when driving forward. They need to be looked at. And do not let the garage get away with applying a non squeak spray for brake pads. It will wear away very quickly.

Question: Squeaky Brakes

New pads and discs were fitted to my Toyota recently, the noise got gradually worse over the next few weeks, I took the car back to mechanic and he applied some sort of liquid. The noise stopped, but after the next few days; it returned. Any ideas?

By Trevor

Most Recent Answer

By Deanj05/25/2012

There are many reason for your brakes to squeal. Go to and type in "causes of squealing brakes." There will be many sites to look at for the reasons of squealing brakes. What the mechanic did was to spray the brakes with a product to reduce the squeal. It is only a temporary fix as you have found out. You have to go back and insist on a quality repair job.

Solutions: Fixing Squeaky Brakes

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Archive: Squeaky Brakes

I got new brakes on my car but now they are starting to squeak when I come to a stop. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what did you do?

D from michigan

RE: Squeaky Brakes

Take it right back to the mechanic for adjustment! They should fix it for free. Peach (08/26/2005)

By Peachhead

RE: Squeaky Brakes

I heard something like this on a radio call in show the other day and my husband, who is a mechanic, also said it isn't' unusual for new brakes to squeal. It has something to do with the material they use to make the replacement pads. Talk to your mechanic for sure, but I don't think it's an unusual happening. (08/26/2005)

By Mary

RE: Squeaky Brakes

It could just be brake dust. It could be the shape of the brakes conforming to the shape of the drum/whatever. You could try "burnishing" the brakes as follows: Find a place somewhere isolated (highway, perhaps) to get up to at least 50 mph. Now that you are at 50, step hard on the brakes until you stop. Do this five times over and the squeakage should be better. My mechanic told me to do this after my new brakes began to squeak. He also told me to NOT do this when my kids were in the car! LOL! Good luck. (08/26/2005)

By smcarney

RE: Squeaky Brakes

Use carbon metallic pads. You get a lube to put on the outside of pad for them not to squeak. (03/29/2006)

By Ryan

RE: Squeaky Brakes

Pressure wash your wheels to remove the brake dust from the calipers might work. From my experience the Squeak happens in new or old pads when the dust accumulates or poor material makes the friction surface shiny gloss. Sanding the pads to make them rough again might also work. (09/20/2006)

By kabatza

RE: Squeaky Brakes

There's a few things that can cause squeaky brakes and several things to do and not do to get the best from your stock brakes. DON'T: lube or grease any braking surfaces or use a pressure washer to clean the crud from brakes because this crud can and will be forced into seals and can result in failure and greater problems and expense in the future. DO: Carefully put your car on axle stands, remove wheels and dismantle brakes. Thoroughly clean and check all parts and on reassembly, grease slide pins well so caliper is free to move. Apply copper grease to back of brake pad to stop any high frequency vibration resulting in squeal and bleed the entire brake lines. Be prepared to use a minimum of 500ml on a standard car. Brake fluid absorbs moisture and moisture is compressible due to gas molecules. Hydraulic fluid is not. Bleeding will replace contaminated fluid and relieve the spongy feeling on tired brakes. Dot 4 or 5 is best as this has the greatest resistance to moisture absorption. Rotors should be replaced if they are poorly worn or badly grooved. Both sides should be done simultaneously. Finally, once you are familiar with procedures and the theory behind hydraulic disc brakes, read your specific manual carefully. It is also advisable to torque load all brake fasteners but the majority of mechanics will not do this to save time and effort. IF YOUR GOING TO DO IT, DO IT ONCE AND DO IT RIGHT! (02/07/2007)

By freebird

RE: Squeaky Brakes

If you had low end breaks put in the pad on the new breaks might be harder (made of a cheaper material). This will cause more friction with the rotor. If they are working, I would put up this noise for a little while. It will get better as your new pads get worn in. I have had the same problem with the cheaper pads I put on my car. I would also suggest slamming on your breaks at bout 30 to 40 mph to help speed up the process. This will not hurt your car at all, but try to do it in a safe area. (08/11/2007)

By Frieds

Archive: Squeaky Brakes

I picked up my 2007 Caliber this morning and as soon as I got home the brakes started squeaking quite loud. This really makes no sense to me because they were okay during my test drive and on my way home.

They started squeaking later in the day after driving through a patch of snow. Is that normal? Does than mean the brakes are bad? Please help.


RE: Squeaky Brakes

If, by chance, they are the original brake pads, it is probably a normal sound. GM uses semi-metallic brake pads in their cars. Which means, the pads have a very high metal content. The pro is the pads wear very well, the con is they are very noisy. If the pads were wet/damp/moist, they will make noise then also. As others have said, have them checked to be sure. I worked for a GM dealer and this is something I saw several times a week. (04/01/2008)

By youngster8

RE: Squeaky Brakes

The brakes come with a protective varnish on them to stop them from rusting while they sit on the shelf. It takes a few weeks for this to rub off from use. Once it does, it won't squeak anymore. It was most likely from the brakes getting moisture on them from the snow. (04/02/2008)

By denise w

RE: Squeaky Brakes

Almost all brake squeals in disc brakes comes from brake pad vibration against the caliper. To stop this, the friction clips and the areas of the pad that make contact with the caliper need to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased with brake parts cleaner and lubricated with dielectric grease, caliper lube, or anti seize compound (Any of them will work). Brakes don't squeal because of the pad coming in contact with the rotor unless the rotor is just totally shot and wore out with lots of glaze on it. (07/27/2008)

Archive: Squeaky Brakes

My brakes squeak when I am backing up. The ones that are squeaking are the front pads, how can I fix this?

Freddie from Luquillo, Puerto Rico

RE: Squeaky Brakes

Get some Squeal Medic (or a similar product) and spray it on rotors and pads. I did and haven't had a "peep" out of mine since. (12/10/2008)

By Michael

RE: Squeaky Brakes

(Submitted via email) I usually go to the car wash and spray my wheels off after getting new brakes if they start squeaking. It sometimes gathers dust. Ethan (01/17/2009)

By Sally_Admin