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Poll: Do have problems eliminating clutter in your household?

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Today's poll asks: Do have problems eliminating clutter in your household? Please post your answer below.

Feel free to post feedback about this poll in the feedback forum below.


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By Tina (Guest Post)02/11/2006

Go to and she will get you organized in every area of your house, you won't believe how easy it is. Once you get through the initial phase of wanting to justify keeping everything you really don't need. Try flylady, and with her help, you can get out of the clutter rut!

By Wendy [7]02/11/2006

Best solution to help me with my clutter was when I joined four years ago. Changed how I dealt with it forever!

I'm a closet clutter type of person, sentimental clutter. I had to realize not all gifts make me smile, and that the item is not the loved one, so that helped me eliminate a lot of clutter and guilt that sometimes comes along with it.

I also do daily clutter patrols of my flat surfaces and weekly for my school paper and mail pile in my kitchen.

Go check out flylady, I learned it all from her! :)

By Vi Johnson [237]02/11/2006

All my life people have been so generous in giving me things,treasures for ME! How do you chuck so many fond memories? 54 years of marriage and 32 years in a very small house is NOT enough room to store "TREASURES", music boxes, photo albums,and all the love with each one .We all know you can't take it with you.LOL But How to part with it escapes me. Here is one, a birthday gift. Angel Granny (Vi) with a cell phone and a red string on her finger to remind her to call. She makes me smile alot.

RE: Poll: Do have problems eliminating clutter in your household?

By Peggy [1]02/10/2006

I have finally learned less is more. If you don't use it get rid of it. When I am gone someone else will come in and have to get rid of it so I might as well do it and save them from having to do it.

By denise (Guest Post)02/10/2006

I have such a terrible time with clutter because I am disabled with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, if I am not too tired to clean then I am in excruciating pain. thankfully my lovely boyfriend is always eager to lend a hand

By sueey (Guest Post)02/10/2006

I can answer NO thanks to FLYLADY, FLYLADY, FLYLADY!!!
Check her out!!

By Angela (Guest Post)02/10/2006

1- Deal with mail as soon as you read it:
a) put bills together with a paper clip or in a folder kept for that purpose.
b) dispose of junk mail immediately.
c) put mail that can be dealt with later in its folder.
2- file folders immediately : it is easier to file 2 or 3 folders than a dozen.
3- organize laundry as follows: give each member of the family a basket for their laundry, in the laundry room, where they must drop in their dirty clothes. (This might require a family meeting).

By Paula [14]02/10/2006

First it helps to be a disciplined person, secondly I think that with Ebay a lot of people are getting rid of the clutter and finding that they can make a little extra money too! Thirdly, with programs like people can get rid of a lot of stuff and know that it is being put to good use and not ending up in the landfill.

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