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Removing Stains and Odors from Carpet


My daughter's chest freezer quit working on her and some meat thawed out. The blood leaked out of the unit and got on the carpet. She tried shampooing it up, but the smell and stain are still there.

By Kellyjo K. from Heppner, OR


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By Lisa 2 656 10/18/2009 Flag

Maybe she should try an enzymatic cleaner. We got some at Petsmart for "accidents," called PetZyme. The bottle said it's for all sorts of organic messes. Here is a link: ... eepsr=0&clickid=prod_cs#prodTab1

We went ahead and got the big bottle, and put it in our own spray bottles (so much cheaper per ounce). I've used it several times, and it seems to work well on urine accidents. I haven't had to try it on blood, but it might not hurt to try.

Good luck - don't know if it'll get rid of the ugly spot, but hopefully at least the smell will be gone (then maybe she can cover the spot with a rug!).

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By Kerry 2 1 10/19/2009 Flag

I don't know what it is about Baby Wipes, but for some odd reason they work. Every time I spill something on my carpet I grab the baby wipes and it always comes out:) I have also used goo gone on an old paint stain and it came out right away without damaging color. Try these sometime:)

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Archive: Removing Stains and Odors from Carpet

I can't afford to purchase new carpet. Is there a tried and true recipe for removing stains and old odors from them? Thanks.

By Jeni from Sacramento, CA


RE: Removing Stains and Odors from Carpet

I love Resolve (pump) carpet cleaner to remove stains. There is also an aerosol spray which is quite strong and smelly for tougher stains, but I find the pump version works great.

For overall clean, rent a cleaner and diy. Its reasonable and Walmart rents them. Odoban is a good disinfectant as well to spray on your carpet and fabric. Sold at Walmart. Eucalyptus scent is nice. (08/06/2009)

By dvg

RE: Removing Stains and Odors from Carpet

Mean Green removes stains nicely and won't fade your carpet. Also, there is a rug shampoo called "Rug Doctor" this stuff is amazing at removing stains while cleaning the rug. You can buy this stuff at an A and P store and you can rent the shampooer there as well. (08/08/2009)

By lorraina

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