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Dryer Leaving Rust Stains on Clothes

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I have noticed several items that have come out of the dryer have a brown rust stain. Any ideas what could be causing this, how I can stop it from happening again, and how to get the stains out of the clothes so they can be salvaged? Thank you very much for your input.

Mom23boys from Queens, NY



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By Heather Krucker [10]03/04/2009

I'm not sure what causes it, but I too had brown spots show up only on shirts that had a pointed collar in my dryer. I could only think that the collar got caught in the holes that are in the dryer.?? Anyway, I used my shout and rewashed them and the marks came off. I now just put them in the dryer for a short time and finish hanging dry. It never affected any other type of clothing.

By Katie [3]03/04/2009

If they are tiny little brownish/rusty-looking marks, I think I know what the problem is because I had the same thing happen a few years ago. At the back of your dryer there is a fuzzy fabric strip around where the dryer drum turns and the rest of the dryer is stationary. My dryer was about 12 years old at that time and the strip had accumulated dirt and was worn out. I was told to replace the strip, which wasn't hard, and that took care of the problem. I ordered the strip online and I think it was less than $20 at that time. Maybe that is your problem too?

By Marjorie C. Woodworth [82]03/03/2009

I think the rust stains are coming from your washing machine and not the dryer.

Your clothes must be coming in contact with some rust in your washer. Look for some rust on the inside of the rubber gasket when you open the lid. Buy some appliance paint and retouch up the rust.

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