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Helping a Dehydrated Dog

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My friend has a three year old boxer has had weight loss but still is eating normally. He is kept outside in a dog pin. Last night he was barking very unusually for him at night. He put him in the garage. When morning came he want to check on him. He did not want to stand up on his legs. His back end of his body looked very, very week like he can not support it. His gums in his mouth had a dry pink look. The temperature outside is 90. I dont know what the temperature was inside the garage.

When I went over there to look at him he was also sweating from his tongue like he had been for walk. His coat feels dry and brittle. All he wants to do is lay around. I am thinking he is dehydrated and/or in the early stages of hip dysplasia. He cannot afford to take him to the vet at this time. What can he do at home to get his dog back to feeling better?



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By polly2run02/23/2014

I have a 3 year old poodle and she is dehydrated. Recently I took her to the vet and they took her blood and they said that she was fine her red blood cells was 24 count and they said she was anemic but it was not life threatening. So when I took her home it seems like she was getting worse she still won't eat or drink on her own. I give her water in a syringe I try to feed her bits of food but she's still just laying around is there anything else I can do?please somebody help me.

By haleysabrina201201/27/2013

OK so if your dog is throwing up and has diarrhea is weak and not wanting to eat or drink a lot and you do not have money to take it to the vet. Try and see if you have a syringe and get him to drink some water or Gatorade for some energy. Also another thing you could do is buy something called insure or boost, it's a drink that give you nutrients and can be found at Walmart or cvs. Your dog could have parvo or a bad case of worms worms can cause similar symptoms of parvo I am going through this right now with my baby and it's hard but I got to keep him going.

By Irvin (Guest Post)02/04/2009

My dog is a beagle. I am 16 years old and Today I brought my dog inside and she was really bad. When I went outside she didn't even what to get up. I called her name, and she didi not even get up so I pulled her and she was really thin and like she was dehydrated. I am worried, right know she is inside and she won't drink any water, or eat. in her pin there was vomit. I think from her food. But I can see her bones. I dont even know whats wring with her, I gave her water but she drunk so slow. She suddenly stops drinking and she don't want to eat or even drink more water. She can't pick up her face or her body. Can some one help me. I dont have the money to pay for the vet. If I did I would do everything I can, please help me I beg of you people.

By kim (Guest Post)01/21/2009

I think it is a good thing that this site is here to help people who don't have the money to pay. Remember bottom line its the dogs who need and deserve what help we can give them. Times are hard right now, so if you know something that will help these little fellows then do so.

By diana (Guest Post)08/03/2008

Save a friend take the dog to your local humane society and tell them he found it on the street or in a park. They will have to hold it and will treat it. The owner must make certain he checks on him and says he is the owner within a number of days. They will make him pay a fine for a loose dog but will probably let him make payments for their vet services as they should want him to reclaim the dog rather than euthanise it. (unless the dog is so sick they euthanise it right away.)

By LovemyAbby (Guest Post)07/11/2008

Right now my 5 yr old pom-a-poo is at the vet, she wasn't feeling well and had diarreah and was throwing up for 2 days. Today I found blood in her throw-up. I didn't hesitate one moment to get her to the vet. I don't have the $ either to pay the vet bill. But she's my baby and I want to have her healthy. Please find a way to get your doggie healthy. If I could help you, I'd do it in a minute. Ask a friend, family member, anyone, to help you. They are living creatures that rely on us humans to take extra special care of them. I'll let you all know how my Abby is doing when she's home!
brownize55 @ yahoo dot com

RE: Helping a Dehydrated Dog

By Barbie (Guest Post)07/03/2008

My Lhasa had kidney failure and I was giving her Gatorade to try to help with dehydration. Of course, she did pass on. Now my Maltese has diarrhea and throwing. The vet gave her a shot for the throwing and med for the diarrhea. I'm afraid she will get dehydrated. Nobody should get any animal, if they know they couldn't afford a Vet bill should something happen. No dog should be kept in a cellar or a garage .. treated like a prisoner. That really irks me!

A dog is part of the family and should be treated as so. Animals aren't gifts to children, or to be fussed over for a week till the newness wears off. They have feelings, emotions, and all of what we humans have and more. Don't get an animal, if you don't want to treat it as a member of your family!

By bernadetbrg (Guest Post)06/08/2008

The problem isn't people wanting to care for their dogs or animals. Most wouldn't care paying reasonable amount of money for animals. It's really the abuse of the vets and emergency clinics with their fees, and sometimes they don't give the animal treatment that makes a difference, so that you can keep coming back. God Bless my vet who is compassionate and loves his job because he loves animals and not money more.

By Lucy (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Yea I'm having the same troubles with my min pin. My mom's at work and since I'm only 13, all I can do is listen to her instructions. Her mother used to be a vet. It was one of her many jobs. Take damp cool towels and cover him or her focus more on the belly since that's where there major organs are. Give him a tiny bit of water every 20 mins.

My tiny little min pin only gets a medicine cup full but the big the dog the bigger the quantity. Monitor him or her and keep them in a cool small place with an old blanket a kennel is a good little space. Keep the room him/her is in cool. Good luck, and it doesn't mean your a bad owner or inhuman just keep the dog inside more from now on and make sure its getting plenty of water and nutrients it needs!

By Diamond (Guest Post)08/16/2007

I feel your pain. Sometimes people cant help not having the money at the time. i'm suffen from the same money issue, but im still goin to find away for my dog to get to the vet. I think hes dehydrated too, but i dont know how this happend. one day he was in the house fine, loving, playful as usual, then the next day i go out to feed him and water him and hes SO weak laying on the porch and wont move. I gave him some water but he threw it up on me so i gave him a lukewarm bath to cool him off and laid him down on the rug. I tried to get him to the vet that day but it was to late in the day and i couldnt find a 24 hr emergency vet. The next day he was a little better, but i still gotta get him to the vet some how. i love him to much to see him have to die.

By phillipa & brittany (Guest Post)07/22/2007

We also have a dehydrated puppy and we have heard from several sources that Gatorade is the way to go and it does not mean that you are neglecting your dog. And remember if you don't have anything positive to say don't say anything at all.

By Jess. (Guest Post)06/06/2007

I have been in the same situation with the vet. Not one of them would take a payment plan. One offered to kill her for me for $80. Nice huh? At the time I couldn't even afford to put her out of her misery. Times are hard right now for a lot of people. Give the dog Pedialyte. The drink you give kids that are sick so they don't dehydrate. Gatoraid works too. It gives them electrolytes. B12 for appetite and energy.Good luck with your dog and God bless you hardships. Don't take it so hard being kicked while you are down with the other comments. They are probably all vets wanting your money .

By aly (Guest Post)03/21/2007

my dog is dehydrated also and i am terrified because he is already 5 years old and also has kidney failure and has renal failure. If your dog is not able to keep his balance as he stands and cannot get to his food bowl make sure you get a one of those sqeeze tubes and force feed him cold water and maybe even some gravy from a dog food can he should get better thats what my vet told me so good luck and we'll keep ya'll in our prayers.

By KIm (Guest Post)07/26/2006

This is horrible..I really am so upset about reading this - This poor dog should not have this owner...The person should not have a dog at all if they don't have enough common sense to realize the poor thing needs vet care....Dogs need all the love and care as do Humans.

By valery [13]08/30/2005

Get this poor animal to a vet. This is in humane treatment of an animal. We are not vet's, just animal lovers. I know vet care is expensive, but they do what they do for the love of animals and will care for this dog. For one thing, no dog or animal should be kept in a pen. and then a garage. This is awful treatment. Pens are for short outside time, not to live in. Would your friend want to live in a pen??

By sandy (Guest Post)08/23/2005

i agree what about a vet.

By (Guest Post)08/23/2005

Get him/her to the vet immediately. Most will set up a payment plan or take credit cards.

If people can't afford to take care of a pet (or a child) properly, then they shouldn't have them. They rely on us for their care.

By annette (Guest Post)08/23/2005

Please somehow get the dog to a vet???

By snigdibbly (Guest Post)08/23/2005


By Lori (Guest Post)08/23/2005

I AGREE TAKE THE DOG TO A VET-ASAP. My dog veterinarian's handbook says this is critical. Until you are able to transport the dog to the vet, give pedialyte or other MILD electrolyte replacement with a syringe, squirting into the cheek pouch. (like giving a baby medicine with an oral syringe.) This dog could die--don't fool around.

By Katy (Guest Post)08/23/2005

If an animal is suffering or quite possibly dieing, don't write to an email group where you may or may not get the correct answer. Get immediate attention from a vet or take the dog to a shelter and do an owner surrender if the neighbor can't afford medical services. Thank you for caring about your neighbor's dog.

By TINA (Guest Post)08/23/2005

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just take your dog to a vet .they will take care of the poor baby when they see the condition of it.LORD why wait for the baby to get so bad????my heart breaks for the sweetie please get some help---

By Claudia (Guest Post)08/23/2005

I agree with the previous folks who responded .....these symptoms suggest something that is beyond 'home care' and requires vet attention. You should be able to find a kind vet in your community willing to treat the dog on a 'sliding scale' payment plan or at a reduced rate, given your personal circumstances. If might try to barter for his /her services with some good or service you could provide. For example, offer to give a few hours a week answering their phones, helping to clean up, walk, feed their kenneled animals. Or what about that great banana bread you make....think creatively. But don't risk your pet's health.

By (Guest Post)08/23/2005

Absolutely must get to the VET. Having a dog is a big responsibility and part of that is providing adequate shelter, food, water and medical care. If you can't provide all of the above, you really shouldn't own a pet. Furthermore, why keep a dog outside in a pen at all. Dogs need to run, move, be around their people.

By Donna [4]08/22/2005

I'd call your vet and see if they could work out a payment plan or I would find a low cost vet/shelter. Sometimes you can give them pedialite for babies. I would take him to the vet first and ASAP.

By (Guest Post)08/22/2005

I agree, a vet is needed at this point. Dogs get overheated easily, and he could be suffering from heat exhaustion. Excessive panting is a clear sign. Dabbing him with a cool wet towel is helpful in bringing his body temperature down. But don't place him in a kennel while he's wet. It creates a sauna effect!
Please encourage your friend to take the dog to the vet.

By SL Edens [1]08/22/2005

If the dog can't stand up, he needs to see a vet. Tell your friend to call some veterinarians and explain his problem and perhaps they'll work out a payment plan. The dog shouldn't have to suffer. Tell your friend to "get going" for the dog's sake!!! (Sorry if this posted page went blank after I hit the post key)

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