Making Use of Eucalyptus Leaves


Doesn't eucalyptus leaves make good medicine; or any thrifty ideas? I just trimmed my tree branches and they do smell good; and I do know they are good for something. Please help me make use of them.

Gail from AZ



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By Dawn 5 108 09/04/2005

Would you be able to put them in a chest drawer to add scent to the clothes/ towels/ etc?

I don't know if they are able to be ground and put in a spray bottle or if you could simmer them on a stove to let the smell out more.... Let us know if any of those are useful.


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By OZZIE RAINFOREST RECLUSE (Guest Post) 09/05/2005

The fragrant wood is wonderful for the log fire.

The leaves burnt to help ignite the wood barbee (bbq) set the authentic smell.

You can bind the leaves together with hemp into large cigar shapes (Cheech & Chong size) to use as smudge sticks for cleansing away negative energies. DON'T SMOKE IT THO!!! lol You'd pass out from smoke inhalation & it doesn't have a buzz!!

You can also use dried pressed leaves as book marks if your carefully cover them with clear contact.

Good Luck to YOU,

Love, Light & Peace

Rainforest Recluse

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By CarolinaGirl (Guest Post) 09/06/2005

I have a large eucalyptus tree at my entry door, thinking all who entered would get a good whiff of the nice smell which the cut branches and leaves produce, and not notice my not always so clean & not so smelling good house. Didn't work unless the branches had been cut that day and laying just at the doorway. I had also purchased arrangements in the past with great smelling dried eucalyptus branches which produced 'the fragrance' well over a year.
The trick, I read somewhere a long time ago, involves glycerine and food color. As you've probably seen, the dried branches we cut and stick in a vase, just turn brown and smell like dead leaves of anything, might as well cut & dry kudzu! Good luck!

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By CarolinaGirl (Guest Post) 09/06/2005

Oh yeah, I also remember reading that while boiling the leaves, you can steam bathe to clear a stuffy nose, not too close though...youch!

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By Cat (Guest Post) 09/09/2005

Try this: take a few sprigs and tie them together, hang over your shower head, the steam will make the leaves smell wonderful, also good for decongesting your nose if you have a cold!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 09/12/2005

Living in CA we would get the leaves and
place in an old pillowcase and then doggie
would have a great place with nice smell.
Also we used the balls from the tree with twine
and make doggie necklaces for all doggies we knew.
I heard it helped with fleas. Our dog did not have flea probs and he was outside.

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By lenah (Guest Post) 11/07/2006

made tea with the leaves increased my appetite for food and relieved a congested chesty cough

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By Joanna, Ohio (Guest Post) 08/25/2008

I my self have been looking for Eucalyptus leaves and branches for my parakeets in their indoor aviary. Would you be interested in selling any?

Contact me at psalms3115 AT ymail.com if your interested in selling some. Joanna

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By Auzy (Guest Post) 09/29/2008

You can sew a small doll and stuff the dried out or even fresh leaves into it and put it under your pillow to ward away illness and keep you healthy. It smells amazing.

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By jujubean (Guest Post) 12/22/2008

For bronchitis, put leaves in a pot and boil, then reduce to simmer. With a towel over your head, put your head over the pot (not too close and breath in for about 15 minutes. Do this three or four times a day. The humid, hot air apparently breaks up mucus in the lungs.

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When I lived in Southern California there was a horrible issue with cockroaches. Those nasty bugs infested everything. I hated those bugs, I had a small baby and I did not want them anywhere near him.

One day I picked up Landon's sippy cup and doggone if there wasn't a roach on his little cup. I was devastated. Then a friend suggested placing Eucalyptus under furniture. I did put it everywhere and I swear it worked for me.

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By Zissy 2 2 03/31/2010

Well I would say sell them since I just received my leaves in the mail that I bought from someone in CA. =) If you don't want to sell them you can always send them to me....hint, hint. hehe

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By Kitchen Herbalist 1 10/13/2015

If you have persian rugs or and real wool rug put few leaves under the rug. Will never have moth problems. You can als put some leaves in cotton bag and place it in your closet between wool or cashemier cloths.

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