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Recycle Jeans As A Planter

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Recycled Jeans Planter

Just a idea I had some time ago to dress up my old jeans. Fill up the legs with pipe and put some boots on. Put a potted plant in the top and put it than on a old stepladder.

By Sara from Australia


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By Kim Churchman [3]05/22/2008

Somehow, I find myself wishing that it had a top half and flowers for hair, or something. Please keep going and stuff a shirt for it?

By tukadeka (Guest Post)05/22/2008

I Loved the idea--thanks for sharing it with us- I had to go out and make it right away--heres my plant holder.

RE: Recycle Jeans As A Planter

By (Guest Post)05/22/2008

That sure would make me look twice when I passed by!

By Harriet Schipper [7]05/21/2008

We saw two (a man and a lady) made like this sitting on a bench with flowers on the top when in the Netherlands. They really attracted our attention. I think they are neat:)

By rascal (Guest Post)05/18/2008

ewwww, it looks like a cut in half body!

By cariboo lady (Guest Post)05/18/2008

I have used old jeans for a similar project. I made a jute rope belt to use as hanger. Fashion a large pot to fit the waist. Use wire to hold in place by drill holes into pot to waist band. Stuff the legs with plastic bags to fill with soil. cut holes in legs to use for seeds or big enough for a small pot or plant. Make sure the bottom of legs are tied or sewn, or fit on an old pair of boots use pockets to hold plants too Hang in tree or fence. If you hang it so the legs look like they are hanging as someone stuck in tree or over fence it brings a smile.

By (Guest Post)05/16/2008

Super cute idea! Bet people look when they pass by!

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