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Cell Phone Battery Isn't Charging

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All of a sudden my cell phone battery won't charge with any of its chargers. It's not the battery, the front of the phone shows no indication that charge is reaching the phone at all. Could the "leads" be dirty? Thanks!

Barbara from Cleveland, OH



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By char1308/20/2014

It keeps on happening to me each day and it has got really annoying. Please could someone help me.

By Barbara Snyder [9]03/07/2009

It happened to me the other night what I did was take the back off the phone took the battery out and the sim card and blew in it with air and blew on the battery too put the stuff back together and tried it again and it worked.

By Noella [9]03/05/2009

That happened to me, thought I needed a new battery. I took it to the cell-phone store and they cleaned the "leads." Works like a charm now.

By Kim Churchman [3]03/05/2009

It's new battery time.

By Holly [349]03/05/2009

Scrape all the leads on the phone and the charger to remove what might be an invisible build up of acid corrosion. Wipe clean. Try to charge again. Use a different electric outlet.

By Harlean from Arkansas [125]03/04/2009

If you are not turning your phone off before you put it on the charger, try that. Sometimes mine won't charge if I leave the phone turned on.
Harlean from Arkansas

By Becca25 [11]03/04/2009

I've had this happen with several of my phones. It could be that the charger outlet is stripped or the insides of the outlet has shifted out of place. Try pulling or pushing the charger up or down gently to see if it gets charge that way. Usually, I have to get it at the right angle to where it works and don't mess with it. Sometimes plugging it in and turning the phone face down with the butt of the phone dangling over the edge of a surface does the trick. Other times, I have to put it on its side or wrap the cord around. It definitely is a pain, but I share your frustration.

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