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Coffee Grounds for Fire Ants


To kill those pesky fire ants use coffee grounds. Don't throw away those used coffee grounds after you perk that pot. Place in a plastic bag and save them. When you find a hill of ants in your yard place them on top and around the hill. Within a few hours the hill will be filled with dead ants.

Take the grounds on camping trips or other family outings. You never know when you may need them. This really works, I have seen it with my own eyes.

By Libby


By brenda newton 6 344 10/19/2004 Flag

Do you know what is in the coffee grounds that kill the ants? In our yard the ants come out of the ravine/valley, walk 10 feet and set up home in our retaining wall by the house. Each year I sprinkle diazinon and get rid of them that way, but the coffee grounds would be so much cheaper to use next summer.

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By Darlene A. 2 03/05/2005 Flag

If you don't drink enough coffee for coffee grounds then use Medina orange oil, about two ounces to a gallon of water over the mound. They are gone! I get the orange oil at Home Depot. Also good for fleas on a dog. About 1 ounce of water to a couple gallons of water. Put dog where you can pour it over him/her several times. I use a laundry basket/tub. To control fleas do it every couple weeks until all the eggs hatch. Also cleans the dog great.

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By FiFi (Guest Post) 02/03/2009 Flag

Most coffee shops will be happy to give you their used grounds! My local store throws theirs into a seperate garbage bag for me to collect at the end of the day - my garden gets a boost while I stop this valuable resource heading to the tip. Most (not all) acid loving plants will love you for the coffee!

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