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Printing Photos From Old Oversize Negatives

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My grandmother died several years ago. I recently found old negatives that are from the early 50's. I was wondering if their is anyway of getting pictures made off of these at a reasonable price. These negatives are actually the size of a picture.


audrie12 from PA



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By G Wright03/05/2009

Just scan your negatives as you would any picture. Then - at least with Adobeshop Elements 5, click Ctrl-I and it will turn your negative into a positive. Play around with the contrast etc to improve. Print as usual.

By Judy (Guest Post)12/07/2008

Can this be done? I see a lot about 35m...but I have older negatives

By (Guest Post)10/24/2008

There is a way of printing old post--card size B&W negatives using a scanner -can anyone help with the details please? And is a 3-in1 printer, scanner, copier suitable? Beehive

By Kim Churchman [3]07/09/2007

Some links:

All I did was put 'black white photo large format' into my search engine (using the word 'printing' got lots of commercials for computer printers).

That's the proper name for those big negatives, "large format".

By Noella [9]07/09/2007

Find a better-quality photo printing company in your area. It will cost a bit more but they can usually process your prints in-house and might save them from getting lost. I know a lot of people use Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but in my area their work is just not that good.

By Rebekah (Guest Post)07/09/2007

What you have are probably 4x5 negatives. Try looking up professional labs to print them. If the negatives are in good condition already, and you have a decent scanner, they're probably big enough that you can scan them in and print them yourself or send them to a standard place for printing, like Wal-Mart.

By HungryArtist (Guest Post)07/08/2007

I took mine to Walmart once and they sent them off and made photos for me from those old large negatives I believe you are talking about. Also another time I took them to Wolf CAmera when I think it was KMart who said they could not do it. So there are places who CAN do it, but it is just if they WILL. It takes longer time to recieve them back but definitely worth the wait.

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