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Removing Tape Residue from Metal Surfaces


How do you take the sticky stuff from tape off metal?

By Jared


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08/02/2011 Flag

I use hand sanitizer to remove sticky tape residue from a surface. Place a dab of the hand sanitizer onto the sticky residue. Let stand about 5-8 minutes. To remove; scrub with a coarse cloth or if it is on a surface that can tolerate a scouring pad, use the scouring pad to remove it. This method has worked well. I learned this tip from working as an educational assistant and had to remove tags from the student's desk.

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By David M. 1 51 08/02/2011 Flag

Try using Goof Off.

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By Joan 2 167 08/02/2011 Flag

Soften with a hair dryer then rub with fingers.

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By Norma 3 08/03/2011 Flag

Use "Goo Gone". It works great and a bottle will last forever! There are many other uses for it also.

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By Karin VanderWaal 10 08/03/2011 Flag

Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and rub over the residue. It will come off.

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