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I first want to thank everyone for responding and helping me find a low fat diet for my dog Gracie. I have a new request. Does anyone know where I can find a portable hose to use in my bathtub to give my dogs a bath? I prefer to use the bathtub in my master where it is separate from my shower.

I can't find a hose that would quickly connect to the nozzle. Does anyone have a suggestion of where I can get one or am I asking for something that doesn't exist? I tried to see if I could have a nozzle installed that connects to the faucet but they have to be installed the same time as the bathtub and would be too expensive to replace. Thanks.

Cosy from Columbia, SC



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By Savings Assistant 9 117 09/22/2008

I would be very interested in this too!!


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By Angela Truitt 09/22/2008

At Big Lots, I've seen hand-held pet sprayers that have a rubber cone-shaped adapter that just goes over the tub faucet. They're cheap, too. ($5-6, or so?)

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By Sherry 1 57 09/23/2008

I found a rubber hose with a "shower" head on one end and a cup type thing on the other end that attaches securely to the water faucet.

I got it in the health and beauty section at walmart. You can also find them in the bath aisle. Also at drugstores. Mine cost around $5. It's perfect for washing the dog.

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By Pat (Guest Post) 09/25/2008

If your bathtub also has a shower, you can buy a diverter valve to install between the pipe and shower head that will allow you to easily attach a shower spray. This works very well. With my back problem, I sit on a shower bench and use the spray to bathe my dogs.

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