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April Fool's Costume Party

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Our church youth group is having a Costume Party on April Fool's Day. I need some ideas for prizes, games, activities, etc. to complete the evening.




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By krista (Guest Post)03/23/2005

use innocent gag gifts like the fake fly in the ice cuhbe or whoopie cousions. There's also he gum that turns your mouth black etc... You can find most of this stuff at Spencers Gifts... :)

By peggygv (Guest Post)03/22/2005

Do a water balloon toss, they're lots of fun.

By Linda (Guest Post)03/22/2005

How about decor and activities commonly associated with a mish-mash of other holidays, i.e. Christmas ornament making, jack-o-lantern making with gourds, fruits, vegies, sparkling cider toast and old lang syne at midnight, valentine's hearts-maybe pin the arrow on cupid, etc...

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