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Craft Book For Making Rhinestone Jewelry

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I would like to learn how to solder/make rhinestone brooches/pendants. It there a craft book or resource that gives instructions? Thanks.

Richard from San Antonio



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By dexter08/22/2013

Here is a basic soldering video I found interesting at this web address:

By dexter08/22/2013

Try you-tube to try to find this answer. That's what I generally do and save the video- for later viewing.
I do not think its a good idea to use lead type solders. However they make silver type solders, which would be better suited to jewelry - I think! I am also interested in metal jewelry, but more on the line of copper; shaping it and soldering, but afterwards thought. Maybe it needs some type of coating applied to keep it from tarnishing or turning green or corroding? Maybe something to think about, also - on any metal type jewelry.

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