Dog is Licking Paws


My dog is licking her paw raw and now I have noticed crusties in her eyes. Please help.

By Ariah from Shoreview, MN


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By Payton 4 3 01/20/2011

I just read in my animal pill book today and it said it is safe to use benedryl but preceed with caution: get the ok from your vet first just to double check. You could also spray the paw with a spray that doesnt smell good to him(or her), and you could put an eye drop in the eye(s). That helped mine.

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By OliveOyl 602 01/21/2011

What kind of dog food are you feeding? The commercial brands sold in most stores contain too much grain which triggers allergies. Switch to a higher quality food with less grain.

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By Pat 17 102 01/22/2011

One of the best things for humans and animals, both inside and out, is good coconut oil. It has healing qualities of many kinds. Google it.

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By Sofia 1 03/09/2011

My dog was also licking his paws and legs constantly (he also scratched, gnawed on, and itched other areas around his tail, stomach). I read online that it could be a sign of food allergy, most likely from grain. I stopped the dry food and took him off all grains immediately and the change was amazing! Within a few days he was 80% better and within a couple of weeks he was completely back to his healthy self.

Then two months ago I got some books on raw food and switched him over to 80% meat, 10% edible bone, 10% organs - and at 12 years old, he is now running around like he did when he was 3 years old. I look for meat on sale and it really doesn't get that much more expensive. Especially since I don't have to run to the vet all the time and pay for all these medications for itchiness, arthritis, etc. And I stopped the vaccinations, as he started to develop seizures/balance problems after he got them. I feel like I have my young dog back :) Maybe some of this can be useful to you. I wish you great luck with the health of your dog.

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By allex 1 10/02/2015

My doberman has been licking her paws off and on for years. Veterinarian did allergy testing, etc but to no avail. She is still pulling the hair out. I tried a raw diet which helped, and tried too many to list ointments and sprays, but if I didn't cover up the legs with bandages, the licking would continue nonstop. I have mentioned this problem to other dog walkers and one mentioned to use these posh protectors to stop the dog licking at http://www.doglickingpaws.com the posh sleeves have been super fast to put on and my dog doesn't lick her legs anymore and the hair is growing back. Finally I found something that works to stop the obsessive licking.

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Why does my Bassett Hound keep licking the middle if his paw all the time?

By Dympna

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By Lizzyanny 9 1,215 01/09/2015

Sometimes dogs do this as a response to anxiety. Be sure you dog gets enough exercise and affection from you. If there are situations in the home that cause anxiety, do something about them.

The other thing to consider is food allergies. Try different hypoallergenic diets to see if it will improve things. Good luck.

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American BulldogI would love to see an article about American Bulldogs regarding their skin allergies and paw licking. I need to know how to stop it! Thank you :)

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By vicki hood 4 564 05/11/2012

Athlete's foot spray. They pick up fungus same as we do. Another is the old fashioned listerine. Generic from the dollar store is fine. The amber not the blue or green. Used on all kinds of animals. Great on lots of dog itch.

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Question: Using Neem Oil on Dog Who Licks Paws

Which is a good combination to use for my dog who continuously licks her paws in the form of neem?

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Archive: Dog Is Licking Paws

My Doberman has been licking certain areas raw. Usually on his forearms or his paws until the hair is gone and his skin raw. The pet store guy says it's a fungus and gave me a spray. River (my dobie) also has very dry flaky skin on his back that I'm currently treating with Brewer's yeast tablets. Does anyone know what else, if anything might help my dog? He is just over a year old. Thanks.

Debbie from Maryville, TN

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

Someone posted on here a short time ago about giving their dog yogurt and how it solved a problem like you're having. I started giving my dogs yogurt, even though they were not having that problem at this time. Boy, can I tell a difference in their coat! The one dog had a scrape on his chest and it felt like a lump was forming under it. After three weeks on yogurt, it's now gone. Totally gone! It seems to take care of numerous types of infections and bacteria. It's also cheap. Sure beats taking them to the vet. Try looking this up for the original post. Good luck. (10/15/2008)

By Artlady

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

I have one idea for you. I have had dogs my whole life, and currently have 3 dogs living in my house. They are my family, and I am very careful about what I put in their bodies, or on it for that matter. Licking of paws is a HUGE sign of allergies, and can be easily treated. I, personally have been using "Yucca Intensive" for my dogs with allergies. It is all natural, and treats MANY different issues. I buy it on 1800petmeds, and it is very inexpensive. I just put a few drops on a piece of bread for her once or twice a day, and she is perfect. Also, you might want to try some tea tree oil/spray/shampoo for the dry itchy skin. It is known for soothing hot/itchy spots on dogs. It does great on my shar-pei. Hope this helps! (10/15/2008)

By Stacie H

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

I have been told that a dog will chew his feet if he needs salt. (10/15/2008)

By rcardin

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

I'm no vet, but I had a dobie with the same issue. Through research, it was a fungus activated by heat so it sounds like it can be a form of a heat rash. The only thing I found to help it is to put him in the bathtub and fill with cool or room temperature rose hips tea. Steep a couple of dozen bags and cool. Something about a soothing effect helps, once the itch stops the fur should grow back. There may be small bumps underneath the fur but as long as you can relieve the need to scratch, you can control the missing fur and rashes. (10/15/2008)

By kelli

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

I work at a vet clinic and we see cases like this all the time. It sounds like allergies. I would start by changing the protein source you are feeding him or to a sensitive skin food, and adding a fatty acid supplement to his diet such as fish oil or omega 3 and 6. There should be some improvement in a month or two if it is a food allergy. (10/15/2008)

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

A healthy diet and tons of exercise are necessary for good health. Non sugary yogurt and some carrot chunks, a little broccoli, etc. mixed in with good quality dry kibble and a little flax seed or omega 3 fish oils (essentially the same thing but one's from fish and the other from a plant) are a great part of a healthy diet. (10/16/2008)

By Shelter Worker

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

Supplement your dog's diet with some fresh, whole foods so his body has a chance to fight off these ailments. Also, consider the time line of these afflictions: often dogs will react to vaccinations, so if the symptoms occur or get worse within a month or two of his shots, you may wish to consider this as a cause. Do some reading on over-vaccinating pets to learn more about it. (10/17/2008)

By guest

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

If it's no where else but his feet, he may be breaking out from what you clean your carpets or floors with. Just a thought. (10/17/2008)

By Poor But Proud

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

Sometimes this excessive licking is some sort of nerve problem. My mom's dog had to wear a pail on her head for several months to keep her from licking her paw. It looked funny, but didn't hurt her. You should probably take your dog to the vet to have the problem properly diagnosed. My mom's dog was licking her paws so much that she was making them into open wounds. (10/19/2008)

By louel53

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

My German Shepherd was doing that, the vet said she was bored (we had been away and the dog sitter wasn't doing much with her). Is your dog being left alone? Getting enough attention and exercise? My vet said it is a common obsessive-compulsive disorder in dogs that are bored, think about it. (10/19/2008)

By freeda

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

We had a bassett hound that would chew herself raw. We found out the first year that it was allergies. Every year around rag weed season we would have to get meds for her. I would suggest taking the dog to the vet. (10/20/2008)

By jen

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

My dog's tail had a raw spot he was licking at. He also licks his feet. When he was in at the vet for a booster, the doctor said it was allergies and gave me a spray bottle anti-itch medication that's equivalent to what humans can get with a prescription at the pharmacy. The bottle cost about $11 and it has helped. The doctor also said he's seen a lot of allergies this year (my dog never had the problem before this season). (10/21/2008)

By Jpdoughgrl

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

Your dog has allergies. My dog does the same thing. It will be worst at different times of the year (fall is the worst). Go to your vet and he will put him on medication (doesn't cost much). Good Luck. (10/22/2008)

By jeepwoman

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

My mom has a Dobie named Forth. Those spots are nothing but dry blisters. They don't feel right, that's why they lick them.

About dry flaky skin, put some regular oil - vegetable, corn, whatever you use for cooking, on your palms, rub the palm together, and then rub your pet's coat. Not only will it moisturize your pet's skin and coat, but it will also be awesome for the looks. You will be surprised how slick, shiny and gorgeous your Dobie will look. Do it everyday, you'll notice change very quickly. My mom does, and Forth looks like $1 million dollar dog. ;-) (10/23/2008)

By Natasha79

RE: Dog Is Licking Paws Raw

Try using I T natural (with cultures) plain yogurt, use some Omega fish oils in the diet (use a capsule or two depending on size). My little Westie suffers from many allergies and I use all the above as well as a regular benadryl tablet (generic) after you have checked with your Vet. I went to a specialist and have learned these tricks HTH. (01/06/2009)

By mia24

Archive: Dog Is Licking Paws

My dog (Rocky) is always licking his paws and making slurping noises. Any idea why?


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