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Possum Came Into House Through Chimney


I've had a possum in my house. It came down the chimney, but I haven't seen it since Thursday evening when it ran back up the chimney. Is there any chance it could climb back to the top and out of the chimney, or is that just wishful thinking?

Susan from Victoria, Australia



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By Harry (Guest Post) 08/31/2008

Most likely the possum has gone out through the top of the chimney. To prevent critters and birds from coming down the chimney in the future go to Home Depot or other big box store and buy a stainless steel chimney guard for about $75 and mount it on the top of the chimney. Very easy to do.

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By susan caldwell 1 1 09/01/2008

Hope so - everyone keeps telling me they can't climb back out, so hopefully they're wrong and you're right.

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By (Guest Post) 09/04/2008

I think I'd have to move!

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 09/04/2008

Eek! just reading that made me put my toes up on the bottom desk shelf. Good luck. I would really search hard for that. I would not want it to come join me as I sleep! I wish you good luck getting it out.

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