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Make a Wall Shelf Out Of An Old Dresser Drawer

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Take a distressed old drawer and hang it on your wall for use as a wall shelf. You can make it look old or new with paint, even add contact or wallpaper to the inside for a cheerful look. And leaving the knobs on at the bottom can serve as hangers for chimes, mobiles, or whatever you choose, maybe even kitchen towels.

By Patricia



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By Sue [5]12/30/2009

My husband did this for our daughter, when she lived in an apartment that had no medicine cabinet in the bathroom. Her toiletries were everywhere. We had and old table with a drawer, so painted it and hung on the wall of the bath. All that "stuff" came off the surfaces and into the shelf.

By (Guest Post)09/28/2005

Thank you Patricia for this great idea! I can just picture it! It could be painted pink for that shabby and chic look :)

By krista (Guest Post)09/28/2005

I think this is a great website, but pictures would add alot!

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