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Can you refreeze bread?

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Can you refreeze bread?

shortstuf21g from Canada


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By Trish (Guest Post)01/25/2009

Can you put bread back in the freezer after it has thawed out.

By Dee (Guest Post)03/08/2007

Thanks for all the great help!

By carla bledsoe (Guest Post)10/09/2006

you can re-freeze but its not as good for sandwiches and that sort of thing. it works great under gravy or as french toast though.

By Hope10/07/2006

You can refreeze bread, bagels and English muffins without concern. We like to switch from one type to another so we freeze the ones we aren't using. We prefer toasted bread products anyway so we just pop them in the toaster to thaw. You may want to toast them a second time if they don't get as dark as you'd like.

By lynda [44]10/07/2006

Yes, INDEED, if you double bag the items. I've been doing it for ten years now. Double bagging beats
expensive EXTRA LARGE ziplocks as well. Should you not need the thawed bread, you can safely refreeze it towards the front of your other items, otherwise you might forget about the breads and they would eventually get too old. I keep mine for about two months only. Afterwards, the various breads get a bit stale from being day-old in the first place. One
of the best buys I have gotten at bread stores is
to ask for the "animal breads" at GREATLY reduced
prices, even better than the deep discounts on the
shelves there. Good luck and God bless your being
frugal. : )

By Vicky (Guest Post)10/06/2006

I freeze my bread all the time. I think it is better once it is frozen first.

By patricia sudduth [12]10/03/2006

I buy extra bread when it's on sale and store them in the freezer. It doesn't take long for the bread to thaw.

By nancy10/03/2006

Yes you can refreeze bread , my mom used to buy many loaves at a time . It was cheaper that way , we would go to the Wonder Bread thrift store and you would get a better buy if you bought in quanity . It didnt last long in our house there were 5 children .

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