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Dog with Itchy Skin

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How do I help my Chihuahua to stop itching?

By Carolyn from Spokane, WA


Recent Answers

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By CaroleeRose [54]08/30/2011

I've had a similar situation with our Rosie and discovered she was actually allergic to the corn and some of the grains in her dogfood.

She's now on Lamb and Rice for $49.99 a bag for 35 pounds compared to feeding her Pedigree $22.00 for 40 pounds. We have 3 dogs and we had to start feeding it to all of them because the other two thought Rosie was getting something so much better.

For our budget that is very expensive but on the other hand we're not taking her to the Vet and her skin is better. I then noticed every time she came back inside from being out in the yard she was still chewing on herself and started to pay close attention to her every move and actually figured it out.

Rosie has a reaction to Pine Needles and only during the warmer months. During the winter when everything is basically dead in the backyard she's fine.

Per our Vet, she gets 2 Benadryl in the morning and 2 at night. Also when she comes back inside I can actually see hugh red blotches and tiny bite marks and sprinkle Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Body Powder".

It's Triple Action Relief, * cooling, * absorbing and * itch relieving.
It greatly soothes all the redness.

I spray our yard but even so as long as we have Pine Needles it's a problem we will always deal with. The border of our entire backyard is nothing but Pine Needles. I rake them up twice a year and my two other dogs have no issues with it.

RE: Dog with Itchy Skin

By m [2]11/22/2010

The best thing to do is get pills (which are chewable and yummy to dogs) that have omega 3 oils and brewers yeast. Our dog had itchy problems constantly til we got these. Also, there are a lot of treats out there that have those ingredients as well. You can get the pills at Walmart for less than $5 for like 100 of them. You can even find the treats at the dollar store.

By Linda Stewart [4]11/22/2010

I have a chihuahua also and he has one spot on his neck that he scratches a lot. In the pet department of some stores you can find a hydrocortisone spray, also, benadryl spray will stop the itching. You can add a little oatmeal to his bath, regular not instant. Oatmeal soothes the skin. You can put it in your bath also if you have skin problems.

By Donna11/22/2010

My chihuahua went through the same skin problem along with yeast in the ears. I changed his dog food to NUTRO I bought at PETCO and after 2 weeks, his skin and ears cleared up. He was allergic to the dog food I was giving him. He is 12 years old and runs around like he's a pup since. I will never feed him cheap dog food again. You're not alone, I've been through all those remedies and vet bills. Give it a try. Good luck!

By Beth70611/21/2010

My English bulldog was treated for every type of skin irritation in the book. She frequently had infections that required medication-sprays, pills, special shampoo-on and on. One fortunate day for Daisy and me, we saw a new vet in the practice. He suggested we try to approach her skin condition as a food allergy. We changed her food and she has not had any more problems. She eats Iams for sensitive skin and looks wonderful. No more constant itching and scratching. I hope you find your solution. We were just very lucky.


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Question: Remedies for Dog's Itchy Skin

My friend recently got her first dog, Suzy, a rescue dog. Suzy has had to wear a cone most of the time that my friend has had her because she will bite and lick herself raw if she doesn't have the cone on.

She is on two types of flea medication, uses hypo-allergenic shampoo and is on a restricted diet. She has also been taken into the vet, where they gave her a cortisone shot.

Anybody have any ideas of what is causes her to do this? My friend is at her wits end and doesn't know what else to do.

By Stellabell from Manchester, WA

Most Recent Answer

By Lee [4]09/04/2011

Every fall Zues comes home from his walk in the wet grass, and chews on his feet. He gets what they call red spot, they have a spray in the pet department for this. It stops the itch. Maybe this will stop the itch on the skin.

RE: Remedies for Dog's Itchy Skin

Question: Seriously Itchy Dog

In August, my dog started itching like crazy. Her sister was itching, too, but not as badly. She scratched a bald spot on herself. I bathed both of them, could not find any fleas, and then the itching subsided somewhat.

I took her and her sister to the vet. Several tests were run, they all came out negative, no mites, no fleas, no indication that her intestines had the wrong bacterial flora, and no pancreatitis.

Has anyone had this happen? The vet put her on a steroid and fish oil. I'm confused by this, I just don't get it.

By Carol from SouthBend, IN

Most Recent Answer

By Janus [8]09/23/2011

Could be the food, but more likely its something out in the yard. My dog starts getting itchy every year around late summer, early fall. I give him fish oil capsules year around, but this time of year, I have to take him to the vet.

Question: Giving a Puppy Benadryl for Itchy Skin

Can I give Benadryl to my 3 month old Yorkie terrier for itchy skin? And if so, how much?

By Kelly

Most Recent Answer

By Laura Evans W.05/28/2011

Benadryl is pretty safe for dogs. I have given it to my chihuahua and my pug mix, it is about 1 mg per pound of body weight, so if she is 5 lbs, about 5 mg., half of a 10 mg tablet. I don't recommend the liquid as it has some alcohol in it. But call your vet, advice is usually free!

Question: Itching Yorkie

I have a 1 year Yorkie, she is my baby, and she itching all the time. At this time I am using a hydrocortisone lotion, but it's been more then 8 weeks and she is still itching. She sleeps with us and I don't sleep well because of that and she doesn't either. I also took her to the vet. She gave her some pills, but still she itches. Can you please help me out?

By Sonia A

Most Recent Answer

By Lizzyanny [9]11/30/2012

I agree with the two previous posters. Consider cooking for your dog, but be sure to do some reading on animal nutrition first. There are several good posts on this subject on ThriftyFun. It is a common problem. I took me nearly a year to figure out that my dog could eat brown rice and canned salmon. He never scratched or bit himself again, and he had become nearly hairless. He lived to be 17 years old. Good luck and don't give up.


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Dog With Itchy Skin

I have an 11 year old Boston Terrier named Daisy Huckleberry. She is a sweetheart. Her problem is itchy skin. I bathe her in flea shampoo and oatmeal shampoo. This helps but only temporally. Any suggestions on a home remedy to help her get some relief? Thanks, Mayverne from North Carolina

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

Give your dog some Benadryl. Even if it's a 1/2 tablet per day. It relieves the itching just as it would for us. I asked my vet about it and he said it's okay to give to the dog (which I have). (10/05/2005)

By SueBee

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I feed my babies Science Diet Sensitive Skin and also feed 3V caps. (they are indoor dogs) Jennifer Northern Virginia (10/05/2005)

By ILuvDobes

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

Have you tried giving up the flea shampoo for a while and see if that helps? A lot of those flea shampoos are made up of really toxic ingredients and maybe she's allergic to them. Plus, there's the question of whether you want to expose yourself to the toxic ingredients in flea soaps. It is more expensive, but it is so easy and safe, to use a drug like Frontline. If you're only worried about fleas, it will last for three months with one treatment. (For ticks, you have to treat once a month). Frontline is currently the "least toxic" method of controlling fleas on pets. Another thing you could try is giving her some lipids in her diet. We occasionally feed our dog the egg yolks when we have a recipe that calls for whites only. I cook them in the microwave and she loves them. (10/05/2005)

By Kathy K.

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I don't know if you have it there, but Lanicane Talcum Powder (For humans) is very good. Stops the 'itch, scratch, itch' cycle, and numbs the skin. If you don't have Lanicane, I'm sure the pharmacist will have something similar which will do the trick. (10/05/2005)

By veronica

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I found vitamin E oil from a drug store soothes iches and is safe if licked from skin.....hope this helps (10/06/2005)

By Donna

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

You can also try too put some olive oil on the food. It got too the point that the dog would not eat his food without it. My daughter had too do this for her dog. It did work. (10/06/2005)

By Joyce wis

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I have an 8 year old rat terrier who has severe allergies to a lot of stuff. On her rear her skin is really red. I usually just take her to the vet for an allergy shot and that's good for about 30 days, but if I don't have the money to go to the vet I give her a bath in dawn dishwashing liquid, and give her a small dose of liquid benadryl. This really gives her some relief for a few days at a time. I've also used some stuff I found at Wal-Mart for Hot Spots that helps a little. (10/06/2005)

By mamascott

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I give my Schiperkee 2 pills a day of Brewers Yeast. And a multivitamin and have to be careful not to give her any foods outside of her regular diet. This always inflames her. (10/06/2005)


RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

My dog had the same problem, he'd bite and scratch until he bleed, after awhile he had a permanent bald spot on his back. I tried all the things on the replies. I finally have a dog with fur, we changed his dog food to lamb an rice and it worked for us. (10/06/2005)

By ellen

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

Brew up some strong Lipton tea (use about 7-8 bags). Let cool, and transfer to a spray bottle .. this will greatly relieve the itching, and allow the skin to heal. (This is also very good for human itching also!) (10/21/2005)

By Lucy

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

Thank you very much for the advice. I am off to the vet today. Wish me luck! (05/23/2006)

By Gloria

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin -TOXIC

I noticed some feedback that includes over the counter human meds. Many of these are TOXIC to pets (most we know are toxic/deadly like: ibuprofin, motrin etc). Also toxic: Lanicane, hydrogen peroxide, etc - -please visit the following site to learn others to stay away from: (b)(/b) (04/06/2007)

By Katie

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

I have a rat terrier mix breed dog with bad skin allergies. We participated in a new treatment at North Carolina State University Vet Hospital. It is a medication called Cyclosporine. It is WONDERFUL!! He does not scratch, bite or chew if he gets his medicine. I give him 25 mg in a pill every day. It is a prescription from your vet. It is now approved for use in dogs for skin allergies. So contact your vet and try it. It is kinda expensive But well worth the money! By the way this is the same medicine used in people to prevent organ rejection after a transplant. (04/20/2007)

By starcrystal444

RE: Dog With Itchy Skin

My pug has been on Benadryl for a couple of years. I tried elimination diets, cooking for her, etc. Finally, I asked my vet to give her the allergen blood panel screening. It was $225.00, but it was priceless. She turned out to be allergic to a number of things, including: rice, eggs, turkey, various grasses, trees, regional inhalants (weeds), wool, jute and others. Also, she was border line allergic to wheat, pork, cow's milk and barley. All the things in the expensive holistic foods! Now I cook for her, using chicken, oatmeal, beef and fresh vegetables. She is taking a monthly shot (which I give myself). This runs about $20.00 per month. What a difference it has made in her life! (12/28/2007)

By Angel1V

Archive: Dog with Itchy Skin

My dog has allergy problems on it's skin from pollen. Any ideas what to use to stop the itch?


Archive: Dog with Itchy Skin

My dog scratches all of the time. The doctor says it is an allergy. I cannot afford to take him in every month. Please help.


Archive: Dog with Itchy Skin

Do Pomeranian Yorkie mixes usually have dry, itchy skin? Or could it be the collar she's still not used to yet?


Archive: Dog with Itchy Skin

My male dog itches and scratches himself. He has been treated for fleas. Any ideas what could be wrong?


Archive: Dog with Itchy Skin

I have an eight week old Yorkie, and he weighs about 1 pound. He has dry flaky skin and is constantly itching.


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