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December 31, 2007

I have a 50 day old Beagle. Suddenly he has developed severe itching on the back and sometimes bites his hind feet. He had fleas when we got him and I removed all of them. Earlier he didn't have any itching problem, but suddenly it developed and now it is very severe. Any possible causes you can think of?

Anay from Mumbai, India


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Since you only have a 6 week old pup, you should consider Sarcoptic Mange as a culprit. You didn't say if your pup had scabs or not. Pups can commonly have Staph. skin infections too. Ringworm is another reason they can become very itchy. If there is hair missing then you should definitely see a vet for an exam.


It is time for his vaccinations and deworming too. You can use some Lime Dip to bath him in if the label says you have use it on that young of a pup. It stinks and will stain concrete and silver rings, but it will help with bacterial, fungal, and mange mite problems.

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Food allergies would be my guess. What are you feeding the dog? Probably allergic to his food.

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By John V (Guest Post)
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My three year old beagle had gotten to the point of severe canine stress due to allergic reactions to flea bits, and severe skin allergies, after trying everything known to man. I treat her monthly with advantage, wash her every other week with oatmeal shampoo and one human cod liver oil capsule a day.


She's 100 % recovered. now I sleep at night not hearing her non-stop scratching. Thanks P.S. The cod liver oil also helped her loss the 5 lbs excess weight she carried.

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February 25, 20111 found this helpful
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We have a beagle that is 18 months and had severe itching. I found a website that suggested the dog has allergies to grain products so I changed his food to GO Natural grain free dog food and also gave him omega 3 with dinner. The itching stopped! And he seems to like the food better. This works! The Omega came from

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Most hunting dog breeds secrete oil from their skin to help their fur repel water. This also caused their extreme itching problems. I just started the fish oil, but we have gotten some relief by shampooing her with Tail and Mane shampoo (it gets rid of a great deal of the oil) every two weeks. Lots of brushing helps also by getting rid of all the excess fur they shed.


and baby powder in between shampoos. Oh yes, and the benedryl. That helps a lot with her itching. It is the nature of these dogs. You just have to keep up with a routine. Also keep their bedding free of their fur by running through the dryer once or twice a week. (It also gets rid of dust mites)

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My 5 month old Beagle has been itchy for months now and I have tried just about everything. I have brought it up to her vet 3 times, but she keeps telling me the same thing, and that she is most likely itchy because her coat is coming in, and she is too young to have developed any allergies. I have switched her food to Blue Diamond puppy food, I bathe her with oatmeal shampoo, none of her treats contain any additives, I wipe her paws and coat when she comes in (she likes to roll round in the grass frequently), I put baby powder on her tummy, I spray itchy spray on her coat, I give her a larger does of omega oil, she gets vitamin goo every night, I was giving her Benadryl, but that didn't work, so I switched to Zyrtec, and she gets treated for fleas monthly.


Could she be allergic to grain in her food? I don't know what else to try.


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Dogs have allergies, just like people. I would not be surprised if she is allergic to grass. Try eliminating it for a few days

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I have a beagle as well.He has terrible allergies in spring/summer/fall. Last year it got so bad he had to take a steroid and antibiotic. The itch came back after the meds. They gave me a shampoo that worked wonders! It is DOUXO Chlorhexidine shampoo. I got it at the vet but they have it on Amazon (much cheaper) You shampoo it in and let it sit 5-10 minutes before rinsing. It works very well. Best of luck to you and your poor itchy beagle. :)

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May 3, 20191 found this helpful

We learned that dogs can be allergic to grain and chicken (among other things but these two are huge issues with some dogs with seemingly uncontrollable allergies).


They are just like people.

Some vets are not so much about testing (which is good because it gets expensive) but about eliminate and document. You can work with your vet on this or start on your own and take the results back to the vet so he/she knows your process.

What I mean by that is to get a baseline for the allergies--so start removing things from their world--start eliminating things. If you give the dog treats, that is the first thing to eliminate. Do document for a few days what you did and if the issue continues. If it stops--that is your culprit. If it continues, buy a small bag of food with no grain. Document for a few days, if the itching goes away that is your answer. Still there, try a food with no chicken OR chicken fat (this is hard and there are very few...most with no chicken still have chicken fat--I am drawing a blank on the brand that has NO chicken products, they can tell you at the pet store. If this works, then you will know it is chicken. If not, then start looking at food dyes and other coloring/additives. Dyes can also be an issue causing itching.

If you are lucky, you will find it fast and then you can get the pup back on track.

If you try everything and nothing works, see if you have a holistic vet around who can offer other alternatives.

Prayers for healing!! We have been in your shoes. Our boy is sensitive to grains. He did outgrow it, but he went through his first year or so with us with almost no fur on his sides. It was so sad. We did several years grain free, then gradually tried him back on it, and he was fine. Post back with an update!

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December 31, 2007

I have a Beagle. She is always itching! I have looked on her, I only found 1 flea. It looks to me like she has dry skin. Is there anything I can use of her that is very cheap!

Dee from NY


My dog is itching

My dogs seem to need either cod liver oil or some source of vitamin A. I just cut up one human capsule into the dog food. Not every day because fat soluble vitamins are stored by the body and an overdose is possible. Commercial dog food seems to be lacking in important nutrients.

Once I had an Afghan with particularly sensitive skin. The vet prescribed raw liver, with vegetable oil, zinc, and a bit of iodine. That was good for her. (02/10/2005)

By Barbaral

My Beagle Is Itching

I had a Dachshund with dry skin and the vet said to give her 1 Tablespoon full of corn oil every day in her food. She weighed 35 lbs. She was the old fashioned breed. (02/10/2005)

By Anna from Maine

My Beagle Is Itching

If you found one flea you can be sure there are more! And if she has fleas they are probably in her environment, waiting to hop back onto her! Getting rid of the fleas may go a long way to stopping the itching and dry skin as dogs commonly get an allergic dermatitis with flea bites. I use Frontline spray, (2.5g/l Fipronil), which not only kills the fleas on the dogs but lasts 10-12 weeks, so kills any from the environment that hop back onto the dogs. In practice I've found that I don't need to spray that often as there are now no fleas in their home environment and they only get fleas if we mix with other dogs, either at their home of when I pet sit my friend's dog at my home. Frontline is fairly expensive for its initial purchase but is used in a measured dose by weight of dog and the pack contains multiple doses. Since I started using Frontline I have never used any other flea treatments on my dogs or in my home and, as I said, unless they come in contact with other dogs I don't usually have to retreat.


Jo (02/10/2005)

By Jo Bodey

My Beagle Is Itching

My dog, a Cairn terrier/Cocker spaniel mix had a bad skin problem. She was very red and itchy. The vet said it was probably her food. Often dogs are allergic to the dyes or additives in their food. And we weren't feeding her cheap stuff. We switched her to Puina's Little Bites and she has had no problem. The Purina brand of basic dog foods seems to be fine for most dogs. You don't have to buy the really expensive Science Diet or Iams brands. Just look for something where meat is the first ingredient and that it doesn't come in "3 different flavors" which really means dyed colors. The dyes are the worst.

For those of you that have already tried this and it hasn't helped, you might want to ask you doctor about a protein allergy. Dogs can be allergic to protein. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. If a dog is allergic to protein, then they have to be put on a special diet where the food is mostly made from fish and vegetables. And expect that your dog will always be a bit underweight, but otherwise healthy. We have raised a dog with this allergy.

The main way to know if it is allergies, is look at their skin when they haven't been scratching it. Is it all red and blotchy? Sounds like hives.

Also, if your dog is itching constantly, do not rule out mange. This is a VERY serious condition that needs to be treated by a vet right away. The itching will get worse and worse until your dog will do nothing but itch. It won't even want to eat. And it will be loosing it's fur. At that point, you often have to put the dog down.

If you aren't getting an answer from your vet that satisfies you, don't be afraid to go to another vet. It is your pet and your money. Don't pay for bad advice!

Good luck.

Heather (02/10/2005)

By Heather

My Beagle Is Itching

Try a bit of olive oil mixed in with her food. This helped our dog with itchy skin. Good luck! (02/11/2005)

By Suzie

My Beagle Is Itching

You have my sympathy. It's hard watching the poor things scratch till you think they're raw. I have a Cockapoo (cross between a Cocker spaniel & Poodle) he has more poodle in him w/thick curly hair and very pale skin. I've changed his food already but he still scratched. I started bathing him w/a medicated shampoo and rinsing him with an Aveeno 'rinse'. It helped w/the scratching and his coat is very soft now. Good Luck!! (02/11/2005)

By Vicky

My Beagle Is Itching

My Beagle itches a lot, too. She was tested for allergies. One flea bite will give her a red rash, itchy ears, etc. She scratches her tummy and ears constantly through the allergy season unless I limit her time outdoors to keep her away from insects and certain grasses and wax myrtle which cause her allergies. You should take your dog to a vet, though, because it could possibly be a more serious problem and your vet can give you a diagnosis for your dog and an appropriate method of treatment. My Beagle is much happier now that our vet determined the cause of her itching and helped me with ways to control it (and it was not very expensive). (02/11/2005)

By beagleowner

My Beagle Is Itching

I had a Cocker Spaniel years ago that had terrible skin allergies. We did everything --- steroids, etc. After everything failed, I started using baby oil on her a couple of times a day (on the hot spots), and she eventually cleared up. (02/16/2005)

By Donna

My Beagle Is Itching

My granddog had the same problem when he came to live with us. He was a Border Collie and Fritz mix, very long hair and shedding badly. We added a tablespoon of essential fatty acids to his food daily. The dry skin cleared, his shedding almost stopped, and his coat was soft and shiny. My son had tried every product on him imaginable up to this point. The problem comes from within and must be treated this way if you are to get long term success. A mixture of essential fatty acids is best. A little more expensive than the olive oil, but worth it I'm concerned about the person using motor oil on their pooch since it is full of toxic chemicals that could possibly cause liver and other organ damage.I 'm sure this person means well, but the treatment could be worse than the problem long term. Essential fatty acids don't cause the build up problem that cod liver oil can. Hope this helps. Also I use Masters Miracle Moisturizing liquid soaps as shampoo. It doesn't have the chemicals and perfumes that dog shampoos have. Good for humans too. Can find it on internet or in some health food stores, but name has recently changed to Nature Rich. Very concentrated. I dilute it down by half with distilled water and it only takes about a quarter size for a small to med. dog (05/01/2006)

By Darlene

My Beagle Is Itching

Number One: Make sure your dog has fatty oils, like omega-3 in his food, most dogfoods have corn and not animal protein as their main ingredient.

Number Two: Does he itch more after you mop/clean floors? My dog had bad reactions to Pine-sol, and would run upstairs when I mopped with Mr.Clean. I have since stopped and use Basic H by Shaklee. It is all natural and REALLY WORKS. Plus my dog can sit in the room with me, along with my baby while I clean because of no harsh fumes, but works like Windex! Their Basic G is also great for killing fleas. If you'd like more info on these products, leave me a message or email me at or check them out at, my distributor ID is ZM06763 (05/02/2006)

By Kelly

My Beagle Is Itching

Please consider a little bacon grease on the dog's food. We have had great success with this old fashioned remedy.
It doesn't take a lot, tablespoon 1x weekly. You will see a big improvement with pets.
Their fur becomes so shiny as well.
Over all everyone is happier. (01/03/2007)

By Judith

My Beagle Is Itching

(See Post By tina (Guest Post) (02/11/2005))

I work in the automotive industry.

USED MOTOR OIL will KILL your pet!

Tim (02/09/2007)

By Tim C.

My Beagle Is Itching

Yes we too have a itchy Beagle. The vet said she was allergic to wheat. So we have to give her potato and Duck dog food only. They make dog treats as well . It seemed to help, good luck. (11/06/2007)

By Lori

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