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Lizard in Arches National Park

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Lizard on rock.

This is a picture I took while visiting Arches National Park on our trip out west last year. He just turned and made the perfect pose while I took the picture then ran off. I use this picture as my background picture on my computer. Downward shot of lizard on rock face.

By Mona from Lumberton, MS


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By Pat Giles07/03/2007

He's pretty, as lizards go! Ha! How big was he? I've never been out West, but would love to go. Thanks for sharing and God bless you!


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Scenery: Arches National Park (Moab, UT)

These pictures are from our recent motorcycle trip to Arches National Park in Moab, UT. The first picture is the Wilson Arch just outside Moab and the second picture is inside the park.

By Nancy O.

Wilson Arch Moab, UT Rock Formations at Moab, UT

Wilson Arch Moab, UT

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