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Does anyone know how I can make my own embossing powder? It must be a simple compound. I would love to experiment and make my own!

some1simple from Hill Air Force Base, Ut



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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 08/29/2007

From what understand from my days of working in a rubber stamping store, embossing powder is very, very, very fine plastic - like toner out of a laser printer. It is not something you would find the materials for easily to create yourself - and even if you did it would probably not be very cost effective, or safe.
I am doing a search for the MSDS sheets on embossing powder -when I find them I will post them.

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By Sheila (Guest Post) 08/29/2007

I was looking up this subject myself when I was working on wedding invitations. I think the best bet is to go to Michael's or AC Moore with a 40-50% off coupon and just buy some. The embossing powder has to have a reaction with heat, and as QueenBeeCrafts mentioned, it doesn't make sense trying to find any complicated ingredients. It seems like embossing powder and the adhesive are the two basic things you need.

Another thought would be that, depending on what type of effect and how complicated of a design you want, you might want to consider experimenting with the 3-d quality of white glue.

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By JENNIFER 2 8 09/01/2007

**UPDATE** I am not looking for the information to save money or time. This is a project that my daughter and I have taken on. Part Science experiment, the other part... FUN.

It seems to be a simple compound. My brother is a Chemical Engineer, and he says this should be pretty easy to make.

Sometimes it's easiest to post suggestions for people to do something the 'easier, softer way'... but I believe the reason we all post our questions here, is that we have already thought of the obvious solutions... and want help thinking 'outside of the box'. :)

Thank you all, and I hope to be able to lend a helpful hint soon!

Jennifer, Some1Simple

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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 09/06/2007

i could not find the MSDS on embossing powder, but if you search for them for copier toner, it is pretty much a bit coarser version of the same compound. The MSDS I saw broke it down by percentages - so that would give you the "recipe"

Good luck!

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By angelica 1 01/24/2010

Unfortunately, it's absolutely impossible to make embossing powder at home. It's made of a thermo-sensitive polymer, that is first frosted to extremely low temperatures in a huge cabin, and then treated under high pressures to fragment it into small particles.

The embossing powder is the same material that is used by laser printers and some car paintings, and it's industrialization require huge chemical plants. It's very expensive, dangerous to make, and requires an unbelievable number of machines.

Most of the embossing powder chemical industries are in China and India. The embossing powders we buy at Michael's/ Jo Ann stores are , then, the only choice possible.

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By A2JC4life 1 03/30/2014

I have an *idea*. I haven't tried it, but it's the first thing I *would* try. #6 (recycling code) plastic is fairly readily meltable. (You can make "shrinkydinks" out of it.) So it might be heat-sensitive enough. But you'd need it to be really *fine*, too.

So I'd probably find some that's colored and drill/saw it to produce "sawdust," and try the "sawdust."

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By Syd H. 03/13/2015

I looked for the MSDS for embossing powder and found it on Dick Blick site. Looks way too dangerous as well as difficult. I wouldn't let my husband much less my child fool with this. Severe neurological damage was enough to come to that conclusion, but here is the address for the PDF for the MSDS. http://cdn.dickblick.com/msds/DBH_44928B.pdf

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By Ken Quast 1 05/10/2015

I have just posted two videos and a writeup on extracting embossing powder from just two common materials. It is easy, fun, and it works.
http://www.observationsblog.com/sci ... iments/embossing-powder-made-at-home

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