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Whirlpool Stove Beeping and Displaying F2 Code

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My Whirlpool stove is beeping F2. I can't find my manual, and I didn't know if anyone had a guess on how it fix it? I unplugged it and it went away for awhile, but now it's not even beeping anymore! There's no time on it now and no beeps either! Just F2 permanently now! Please help.

By Nichole from West Frankfort, IL


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By Candy Killion [9]10/12/2010

Check this link ( it has codes for all types of stoves): ... /fault-codes/fault-codes-ranges.html
Sounds like the "oven too hot" warning, which could likely mean you need to have a temperature sensor or a relay board replaced.

By pam munro [447]10/11/2010

Most manufacturers nowadays have posted copies of their manuals on the internet - as everyone loses theirs! Do a Google search for the type of stove you have.

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