69th Birthday Parties Ideas


I will be age 69 on 10-10-10. Is this considered "golden" or something else? I would appreciate ideas for the party.

By Elaine from Newport Coast, CA


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By Kerry 53 01/10/2010

As it is a celebration of you, my idea would be to think back to a time when you had a great year, semester, season etc. Then contact friends to bring lots of pictures from that time. You can even blow up some for part of the decorations. Hope your birthday is truly golden!

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By Linda from Bloomington, IL 76 172 01/13/2010

Such a lucky birthday for you this year. However, your 'golden' birthday is based on the date of the month you were born. Your golden birthday was your 10th birthday.

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By Caseye 34 205 01/13/2010

While your "golden" birthday was when you turned age 10 on October 10, I agree that celebrating this year's birthday on 10-10-10 should be something special! Start the day on October 10 at 10:10am, with your family or friends (10?). Do something special every 10 minutes for one hour (have someone give you a shoulder or foot message, have your favorite snack brought to you, have everyone read a special tribute to you, play - and sing - your favorite song, etc. Hope you have a fabulous celebration!

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