Wine Stains on Crystal


How do I clean a red wine stain left in the bottom of a crystal glass?

By Carolyn from Sydney, NSW


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Try putting some vinegar in the bottom and allow it to soak for awhile, shake well (top covered of course - LOL) and wash. If that doesn't work put in a teaspoon or two of salt and some ice cubes and swish, cover and shake it.

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By SANDI 2 101 03/21/2011

How about a denture cleaner tab? White vinegar and backing soda might do the trick too. It will really foam up so watch out. Good luck.

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Archive: Wine Stains on Crystal

I have dried-on wine-stains inside a crystal decanter. They are proving difficult to remove. How can I remove them?

Michael Clarke from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

RE: Wine Stains on Crystal

Try soaking with plain white vinegar, if that doesn't work scrub with a non-abrasive cloth and some baking soda. (03/20/2006)

By schmoo

RE: Wine Stains on Crystal

Fill the decanter with a cup of cold water add 2 tablespoons of uncooked rice. Put the stopper on and hold it down while shaking the decanter, the rice will scrub the stain off. (03/28/2006)

By Donna

RE: Wine Stains on Crystal

Dampen the crystal with water or window cleaner. Sprinkle some Whiting* on the stain; enough to make a poultice. Rub gently with a soft, non-abrasive, cotton cloth. It should remove the stain(s) almost instantly. Not only will the stain be removed, but the whiting will polish your crystal as new! *Whiting can be found in the paint dept. and will not scratch any enameled or glass surface. (03/01/2008)

By Cajun62234

RE: Wine Stains on Crystal

Thanks guys. The rice worked great. (12/30/2008)

By Steve

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