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Cleaning Mold and Odor from a Velvet Lined Guitar Case

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My guitar case which is made of plywood and lined with a gold rayon velvet was covered with mold ( of the blue-grey-green color) after being in storage for about 4 years. My guitar was not moldy. It is mostly the outside of the case and inside the case at a few of the 90 degree angles, there are splotchy circles of mold.

My question is, what is the best cleaner for this, that is the least toxic? I would also like to know what will get rid of the smell as well? Thank you so much for your suggestions!

By Allie from Prescott, AZ


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By Douglas Smith [3]06/01/2011

I'm just going through this with the insides of a guitar case and a mandolin case. They were in my parents' attic for years and smelled awful.

I think they should probably first be cleaned or washed inside & out -- not sure how to do this for the velvet, which is why I'm browsing thriftyfun. Second, spray with a mixture of warm water and tree tea oil. I'm using an emptied throat spray bottle, one ounce of water and a half dozen or so drops of the tree tea oil. Two weeks ago I could smell the foul mold odor all over my apartment. Now the cases are smelling more like piney tree oil and the mold smell is almost completely gone. I leave them open round the clock to dry out.

The Whole Foods guy where I bought the oil warned me to shake often since the oil will rise to the top. Good tip. So I hold the spray container upside down and shake every time or two that I squeeze the spray so that the oil disperses relatively evenly. Seems to be working. Might work faster with more drops.

By pam munro [447]10/18/2010

I've said this elsewhere on the site, but let me repeat that spray disinfectant coupled with putting the moldy item in the sun is a good way to kill the mold. First try to clean away as much as you can, then spray with the disinfectant & put out to dry in strong sun, the UV rays will kill the mold. Although there may very well be stains left where the mold had been. This may take several applications.

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