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Painting Plastic Glasses


I am trying to paint plastic glasses for gifts for friends. I saw tips about putting on a plastic primer and/or spraying it after the acrylic is dry. But can you drink from these then and can they go through the dishwasher? Is it safe?

By Marietta1 from Chicago


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You can read the labels on all of the products you plan to use. If you can't find the info. there that you need, you can contact the manufacturers of the products and ask them.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 05/03/2009

Don't hassle with that. What you do is buy a brand of paint called "GLOSSIES" by Liquitex... This brand of paint is made to paint on glossy surfaces like glass, plastic & porcelain. They are sold in craft stores where that artists (not hobby) paints are sold. You can bake this paint in the oven if it's on glass, but if it's on plastic you need to wait about 2 weeks before you wash the glasses after painting. Glossies dries a bit darker & dries FASTER than other acrylic paints! Don't add much water to thin!

First wash your hands REALLY well to remove any oils, next take a soft paper towel or cloth & wipe the glasses down with rubbing alcohol or wash them well to remove any oils & residue. (sometimes alcohol will take the sheen off of some plastics, so try only one glass first) Now, paint the outside of the glasses, leaving about an inch not painted around the rim (for you to drink from) then leave then sit to cure at least a week or more.

If you decide to use another brand of paints just makes sure you leave the rim blank on the glasses where your mouth drinks. Usually any paints called "outdoors" will usually work on plastic, as will most oil-based enamel paints made for painting models (sold in hobby stores).

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