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Double Coupons at Fred's Discount Store

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Fred's Discount Store has double coupon day on Saturdays. I wasn't aware of this until one Saturday I used a coupon & noticed the cashier doubled it. I asked & found out that on Saturdays they double the coupons - even $ 1.00 coupons!

By Ameyers

Editor's Note: We don't have these in our neck of the woods. Looks like a big chain in the south. Here's their site, it has a store locator:



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By Debbie Stewart [6]06/07/2011

Fred's here will only double up to 75 cent coupons. They also will not take the ones printed off the computer. The sales girl got real ugly with me when I tried to use some one Saturday.

By (Guest Post)12/27/2004

They won't double up to a dollar any more. That stinks. I quit going.

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