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Stores Like Midnight Velvet

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Do you know of any other stores like midnight velvet?

SALEE from Tyler, TX


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By wonda (Guest Post)09/29/2008

Can I use my midnight velvet credit card at others stores? I have choose-n-charge.

By Julia (Guest Post)10/19/2006

Go to Their company has about 5 other stores. The closest one to MV is probably Seventh Avenue. I get MV catalogs and Ginny's and the Country Door. LOVE THEM>>>LOVE THEM ALL! Hope you find what you are looking for! Good luck.

By kellymammamia (Guest Post)10/18/2006

I think that Midnight Velvet is kind of unique. Perhaps you could try e-bay looking for items new or slightly used

By simplycindy (Guest Post)10/15/2006

Chicos, Coldwater Creek, Talbots have nice things.

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