Where Can I Have Funeral Notices Laminated?


Does anyone know of someone that laminates obituaries or funeral notices? I just lost my nephew, 2 years old, and I wanted to get some made for the family. I use to get them made with a company in TN, and they closed up.
Thanks for your time.

By Diana


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By Joan 13 1,482 05/05/2011

Here in South Dakota the major newspapers do it. Last summer I had my Dad's obituary laminated. I had to have the newspaper look it up for me, because I had lost my copy of the obituary. Altogether, for looking it up, having somebody type it onto pretty paper about the size of a book marker and laminating, it cost me $30.00 for one. I had figured it might be about $10.00 and if it had been that low, I would have had one made for each of my sisters, but I decided at that price if they really wanted one they could buy their own. They both have more income than I do. I did make photo copies of the one I got and sent them to my sisters.

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By Jill 4 738 05/05/2011

Any office supply chain (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot) will laminate paper for you for very little money. If it needs a special presentation, you might be able to do this with scrapbooking papers. They could also photocopy the original onto prettier paper, you can trim, then they could laminate it. You could add a photo of the little boy, and a poem, as well, if you wanted. So sorry for your family's loss....

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By Veronica 10 114 05/06/2011

I am so sorry for your loss.
I would advise against laminating, actually. Laminate is terrible for paper - it is corrosive, and newspaper is so acidic that the two of them combined is disastrous if you're trying to preserve the clipping. Instead, I would photocopy the notice onto acid-free paper and frame it in a glass (not plastic) frame (I mean make sure glass covers the image.) If you want to give out original clippings it is better to leave the clipping open to the air rather than laminate it.

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 05/10/2011

The funeral home where my father was laid out made ours. It was part of their package, I guess. You might try asking at some funeral homes in the area. Perhaps they could give you a lead.

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By Candy Killion 10 408 05/13/2011

Office Depot also carries do-it-yourself laminate sheets; they're in the section with address labels and other specialty printing stuff ( like tee shirt transfer paper, magnetic sign stock, things like that.)

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By Sharon 3 9 05/15/2011

Try your local library. Many have laminating machines. If they do not, they probably know where you can go locally to have it done.

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