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Using Magic Jack With Satellite

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Can you use the Magic Jack phone with satellite internet? I would love to cancel my phone service and dial up and get satellite. I've read the reviews on the site and am willing to try it to save money. Thanks.




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By Phil8812/23/2011

I still have my old magic jack, but the call quality is somewhat good and bad, but I gave magic jack another try by purchasing their new magic jack plus unit. Guess what, this upgrade is totally awesome, no dropped calls and sound quality is like just my regular phone line, no low sounds quality. I have it connected directly to my wireless router and always on (without my computer being on). Good job Magic Jack!

By IceTheNet09/17/2010

To dh8 they are very nice especially on "phone systems that force you to enter numbers". I do it all the time. I use the computer dialer and use the screen keypad to enter numbers works like a charm. best feature is handset or headset switching. I work on my computer while waiting to speak to someone and set it headset as soon as I hear a voice I pickup the handset and talk saves me plenty of time. the drawbacks are if your computer looses internet signal then no phone but there is voice mail. If your downloading then you will have problems with communications. and the biggest problem is it takes over your computer while starting and it takes a long time and if the program is not loaded on your computer, your not going to get any calls. I overcame most of these problems using Google voice it calls my magic jack and my cell so I always get the call. If my cell dies and magic not on then I get voice mail. as far as satellite I don't know never had it never will.

By Kathryn Visser [16]01/21/2010

I have Vonage, and actually like it, most of the time anyway. It is through the computer like Magic Jack is too, and with Vonage, a high speed internet.

Anyway, I was told that if the power is off, just plug your phone into your old phone jack, and you can call 911 that way, so atleast we are not stuck w/o power. It sounds like it would work with anyone who has Magic Jack also.

By NMF05/08/2009

I was told by one of the MJ reps that it will not work with Satellite.

By Joyce03/25/2009

Mindy, NO they do not work. I found out the hard way by getting the satelite (2 yr. contract) then ordering Magic Jack..I configured everything like the site stated, emailed them and then was on phone with 2 different people and finally they listened when I ASK AGAIN if it worked with the satelite, and the answer was NO.. they refunded my money but still have the 2 yr contract with Hughes Net.

By Jodi03/23/2009

Check the local area before you invest and sign a contract with a satellite service. We have it cost $100 a month and isn't much better than dial up. We are locked into a 2 year contract.

By Deanj03/22/2009

In my local paper a tech reporter ordered Magic Jack and wrote a review on the item. Review was not favorable. And of course if you have a power failure or the puter crashes you have no phone service.

By Lena Goff [1]03/21/2009

Do a search on Magic jack before buying. Sounds to good to be true, and it is. L

By d horner [1]03/21/2009

I don't know but the magic jack phones have drawbacks.

I've heard they do not work with phone systems that force you to enter numbers like when you're calling to place an order or check on your credit cards. There are some business that do not allow you to speak to a live person anyomore so that may be a consideration for you.

I've also read that they do not work with 911 autotracking so if God forbid you had an emergency and someone couldn't speak after dialing, no one could find where the call is coming from.

I have also been thinking about getting it as a long distance phone and keeping a minimal home phone to be safe.

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