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Crocheting Panels Together

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I am looking for simple steps to crochet panels together.

Nancy from kernersville, NC



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By crazypete (Guest Post)01/31/2007

I use any of three methods, depending on what look seems best. On the backs of a lot of my granny squares, I just start with a slip stitch and put my hook through both squares, then pull the yarn through both squares AND the loop on the hook--it's a lot like sewing and I think it's pretty sturdy which is good for the mentally retarded people I've made these for.

Another way is to single across. That is raised and kind of decorative.

Or, you can do the whipstich with a tapestry needle. Whatever you do to join, keep on hooking--it's cheaper that therapy!!

By Debra LeBarron [1]01/20/2007

I always crochet them together with a simple single crochet stitch and it works good but there are other stitches you can do too.

By (Guest Post)01/20/2007

The easiest way is to slip stitch the panels together if you don't mind a small raised seam. Put right sides facing each other and line up your stitches and slip stitch together. If you want it completely flat you will need to whip stitch the seams. Again put the panels together and line up your stitches take the inside loops those closest together and with a needle and some yarn sew them together by taking the inside stitches you should come out with a completely flat piece.

By Michawn [16]01/19/2007

Do you mean join two or more crocheted panels together? If that is what you mean, there are several ways to join already done panels, from simple whipstitch to more intricate ones. Either way, try Lion's Brand yarn website and Annies Attic (I think that is the one) or just google crochet, you'll be amazed. I self taught myself to crochet (after learning a single crochet) and found tons of information on the web. Hope that helps.

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