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Cub Scouts in Christmas Parade

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I need ideas for our Cub Scouts walking in the Christmas Parade with the theme "Patriotic Christmas" any and all input welcome! They will be in full uniform.

Thank you,
Karen from Summerville, SC



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By (Guest Post)10/14/2006

well we made a map of the US and painted it like a flag with a sign that had their pack number on the front on a lil sign

By Sherryf (Guest Post)11/08/2005

I saw a group do the same as may-fairy posted, with the wagons and presents, etc. But they had individual floats w/their wagons, so that they could work on them at home and not require attending more meetings than normal. Some were rather extravagant, some were just a christmas tree with small presents. But all were beautiful!

By Annie Rios Hill [14]11/07/2005

As a wife of a Disabled Veteran, seeing those wagons and cub scouts means more than we know
to them.

Maybe a sign saying "Thank You Veterans"
A Christmas Tree decorated with flags.
A sign or picture or banner of each of the branches;
Also an idea contact your local Veterans of Foreign
War Post and get ideas and tips.
have fun and take pictures and share with the VFW Post. It means so much.

By Linda (Guest Post)11/07/2005

How about havine each wear a Santa hat instead of a scout cap, and have them decorate the Santa hats to reflect a patriotic theme-i.e. add stripes, stars etc.

By Gloria [9]11/07/2005

You can get some scouts to pull wagons with christmas trees in them decorated with red, white and blue paper snow flakes and american flags. Others can carry american flages with strings of battery powerd christmas lights attached to the poles with wire. Then some of the kids can carry a banner that says "merry christmas USA!". the rest of the boys can carry red white and plue christmas presents.

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