Acrylic Nails Are Cracking


I have just trained as a nail technician but I'm experiencing difficulties. One person today complained and said the acrylic is cracking. I applied it on Friday and she says it started to crack on Saturday. What could be the cause of this? Please help! With another person the UV Perfect finish sealer turned black. What could be the cause of this? Please help.

Thali from SA



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By Gail 1 9 10/15/2008

Hey sounds like your acylic is too wet.
Good Luck this is a hard technique to learn.

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By Pearl 1 1 10/16/2008

What about them turning black?

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By kathy (Guest Post) 10/17/2008

From my experience with acrylic nails, a lot of problems relate to the persons health, what medications they take, and condition of the nails themselves. My nails were too "oily", therefore the acrylic not only cracked, but chipped, and peeled/broke off in chunks. Some help was to bathe the nails in alcohol before applying the acrylic.

If the person has a hand swelling problem (medical condition) this will also effect the nails. I learned not everyone can have good results with "fake" nails. Some people only need a thin coating, but some need it very thick.

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