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Killing Weeds In a Rock Garden

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Keep the weeds down for over a year in a rock garden by using white vinegar. It may even last longer than a year. I no longer have weeds in my white rock. It kills everything, so keep it away from the lawn and flowers.

By Ardis Ilene


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By Elaine S. [39]07/01/2011

I use vinegar around the perimeter of my garden to keep weeds from growing there. Webby, I didn't know about the 1% but the only thing I have ever bought or seen in the stores is 5%.

By Anne (Guest Post)05/25/2005

Do you just spray it on there?? And if weeds are already there it will kill them also right??? Thanks for a great tip. Now that it's spring I've also got to get out there and get the leaves out from up next to the house in the corner of my white rocks. don't you just hate that????

By DearWebby (Guest Post)05/19/2005

Simmer the vinegar to concentrate it. My driveway weeds think that the 1% vinegar from the store is fertilizer.

Have FUN!

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