What's the Difference Between and F150 and F250 Truck?


Just wondering. What's the Difference Between and F150 and F250 Truck?



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By Frances Adams 11 557 07/03/2009

The F250 is a larger body truck, larger engine, larger transmission, usually in diesel engines, some with dually tires on the back. F150 is better for family use, and F250 is better for farm or job work, especially that requires pulling of trailers. Some people like to have an F250 for daily use because it shows how much they can afford to spend :), but I always preferred the F150. There wasn't much we needed hauling that it couldn't manage.

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By kathy 07/05/2009

The difference is the load and towing capacity of each. With the older trucks this was referred to as a half ton (F150), three quarter ton (F250) and one ton (F350) truck. The F150 has the least load and towing capacity while these capacities increase with the F250 and F350 respectfully. They used the same frame until 1997 and had the same body style except for a dully (2 wheels of each side in the rear.) It depends on what you are using it for. If you want a travel trailer or camper most of the time you will need a F250. A 5TH wheel you will need a F350. If you just want something for light weight towing and loading a F150 will be fine

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By Sagar Rao 3 11/15/2011

The F150 is the smallest of the group and the newer models from 1997 to now are a different body style.

The F250 came in both body styles for a while but the difference between the 250 and F350 is towing and payload capacity.

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